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100 Years

Track Tracings

The Generations of Nutley Track And Field

The Maroon and Gray, over a time period of 100 years, has covered an abundant amount of sports.  However, one of Nutley’s most historic sports over this time period has been the NHS track and field team.  Since 1947, the Nutley track and field team has offered plenty of raw talent and grit to the sport; they are no stranger to competition.  


100 Years

The Evolution of Golf At NHS

How Golf has Changed in NHS



Over the past years, many sports have come and gone in the Nutley community. One very important sport, golf, has been at NHS for nearly 70 years. In an article from a 1997 issue of the Maroon and Gray, Erica Zarra wrote an article “Golf Team Swings By Competition” about the golf teams season.


100 Years

Exit 1990: Mrs. David

Nutley High School students first began creating articles 100 years ago as a group; the news outlet was formerly known as the Attic, then the Gauntlet, and now it is currently known as the Maroon and Gray.  The Maroon and Gray continues to highlight and discuss the different topics shown on their updated online website: arts and entertainment, features, news, and sports.  Many students have moved on from Nutley High School, and they can still be seen on the articles, however, there are some students who remain a part of school.

100 Years

The Evolution of NHS Cheerleading


It is a cold November night and the crowd is sitting casually on the bleachers while they watch the football players run across the field. All of the sudden, a group of girls on the sidelines, wearing team colors begin cheering and doing flips. The crowd starts to rumble and cheer, inspiring the football players to victory. Cheerleading is the exciting sport that keeps the crowd on their toes during games. Cheerleading has been a part of NHS for decades.


100 Years

One-Hundred Years of Swinging

NHS Celebrates 100 Years of Baseball


With the States Championships over, the NHS varsity baseball team is working hard to get ready for next year's 2019 season. The NHS baseball program has been training for many decades. Over the years, there have been both major and minor changes for the baseball team.