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Credit to Nutley Athletics

The Evolution of Golf At NHS

How Golf has Changed in NHS



Over the past years, many sports have come and gone in the Nutley community. One very important sport, golf, has been at NHS for nearly 70 years. In an article from a 1997 issue of the Maroon and Gray, Erica Zarra wrote an article “Golf Team Swings By Competition” about the golf teams season.


Mr. Thomas Grant has been coaching golf at NHS for the past 15 years. He started coaching golf as a volunteer assistant with Mr. Carmine D'aloia, who was head coach during the program's early years. Mr. D'aloia began coaching golf in 1969 and coached for 29 years. When Mr. D'aloia decided it was time to step down, in 1998, he immediately recommended Mr. Grant as the head coach position.


The NHS golf team kicked off its season this spring with a match against Belleville High School. A match, which has a total of six people, uses a scoring system where each player or team, earns a point for each hold in which they have bested the opponent. The Nutley team won with a total of 226-217.


Over the seasons, years, and decades, golf continues to be a important sport in the NHS Athletics community. Golf has changed over the years in NHS with new coaches and athletes. One thing remains the same for the years to come, athletes do the best they can, try to improve and have fun.