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Mrs. David

Exit 1990: Mrs. David

Nutley High School students first began creating articles 100 years ago as a group; the news outlet was formerly known as the Attic, then the Gauntlet, and now it is currently known as the Maroon and Gray.  The Maroon and Gray continues to highlight and discuss the different topics shown on their updated online website: arts and entertainment, features, news, and sports.  Many students have moved on from Nutley High School, and they can still be seen on the articles, however, there are some students who remain a part of school.  Some have returned as staff.


One of the most well-known alumna of Nutley High School is Nicole David. She graduated in 1990 and then decided to become a teacher.  When Mrs. David was in Nutley High School she read articles in the Maroon and Gray.  “It was very popular when I started teaching at the high school,” she said. 


Even though Mrs. David is now a teacher at the school, it was not something that she had considered doing in the past.  When asked about becoming a teacher in Nutley High School Mrs. David stated, “I did not plan on it, but I was honored to get a full-time job working in the district.”  


When she was in high school the articles were in demand.  “People waited for it (the Maroon and Gray) to come out and so they could read the articles," she said.  "Sometimes it was funny and other times controversial. Mr. Bonadonna and his staff put a lot of effort into creating a great paper.  It was also fun to read the articles my friends wrote.”


Being in high school in the 1980s to being in high school now is a big change.  There is a difference in the culture and atmosphere; the trends are also different. As Mrs. David explains, “It looks very different. I went here during the 80s. New decade new trends.”  Everything was very different, and the Maroon and Gray changed too.