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Students Benefit from Volunteering

Many students volunteer for the school in order to help out within the community. Whether it's performing community service, or  trying to raise money for people in need, some students will do whatever they can to help out the high school and the Nutley community.


Freshman Gabrielle Napoles volunteers for the Key Club. She said “When I volunteer I help at various events that can range from festivals, babysitting, organizing boxes, and overall just helping the community.” When she volunteers, she likes to use her efforts for the town as  much as possible. She said, “I volunteer for four hours at most, but I mainly try and sign up for opportunities that are an average of one hour long.” Napoles gets satisfaction knowing that she’s contributing to make her community better. She said that “through volunteering I am able to make our community a better place and help out locals free of charge.”


Freshman Halovatbonu Mamatova also loves to volunteer. She said “when volunteering, all we really do is help out around as much as we can.” Bonu likes to help out the community and get her service hours in. She said “At Saint Vincent Church we help set up and clean up after the events, such as the Trunk or Treat or their flea market.” They also are able to babysit kids whose parents aren't home during certain school functions. She said, “We help babysit the kids during PTO meetings.” She very much loves helping the community and, she said, “It’s mostly about helping people out, not about the hours.”


Senior Erin Granelli volunteers for the Interact Club which is sponsored by the Nutley Rotary Club. She said she “mostly enjoys seeing the looks on people’s faces when giving back to the  community.” Most times people aren’t able to all be together as a community, but when volunteering it seems different. She said, “Volunteering  brings the school together when they’re all working for one purpose, event, or fundraiser.” Depending upon the type of event, the time can vary. She said when volunteering it can range “from around a half an hour to eight hours.”


Granelli has been volunteering since sophomore year when the head of the Rotary Club suggested she should see John Monaco who was coordinating the Rotary Car Show and she said he told her to join the Interact Club. Helping at the Car Show was a very positive experience for her. Granelli has been secretary of the Student Council for four years, class officer, president of Latin Honors Society, and ambassador of her class, all to find opportunities to perform community service or raise funds for important causes.