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Seniors Awarded Scholarships in Annual Ceremony

Over one hundred scholarships were awarded to seniors in the auditorium on May 30 at the annual Scholarship Awards ceremony. Donors from local businesses and organizations helped present scholarships to those who applied, giving students help with college tuition, fees, or any post high school plans. 



Students Benefit from Volunteering

Many students volunteer for the school in order to help out within the community. Whether it's performing community service, or  trying to raise money for people in need, some students will do whatever they can to help out the high school and the Nutley community.



Senior Fashion Show is a Night to Remember for All

During the third marking period, life as a senior tends to lull. The days start to blend together; classes begin to feel more and more stagnant; the never-ending burden of the dreaded senioritis takes full control. However, every year, there is one event that helps to liven the senior class: one event that, for just one night, brings everyone together in a way unlike any other.


The Senior Fashion Show.



Students are Obsessing Over the Viral Stanley Tumblers

Due to the recent craze on social media, the highly marketed insulated tumbler brand, Stanley, has gained millions of new supporters throughout the nation. 


With this rapid increase in popularity, the brand’s supporters, both old and new, have purchased a wide range of Stanley merchandise. The Stanley products come in various colors and sizes with the same purpose to hold beverages throughout the day. 


Key Club's Blood Drive is a Success

The Key Club held its annual Blood Drive in the auxiliary gym on October 10th from 8:15-2:15, with Mrs. D’Urso and Miss Mazza as its sponsors. Students 16 years and older with signed permission slips were able to donate blood to help save lives. Free raffles, gift cards, gift baskets, and more were available for all who donated, and donating seniors received red cords for graduation. 



Music Groups Earn Top Awards

The NHS Music Department earned superior and first place awards at the Music in the Parks festival in Washington D.C. Freshman Daniela Recio said, “Knowing that Nutley won first place and superior makes me feel super proud of myself and my classmates."


The groups that participated included Concert Choir, Choralettes, Chamber Singers, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, and Orchestra.


Winter Guard Members Comment on their “Abandoned” Season

The NHS Winter Guard has had a season never to be forgotten, complete with trials, tribulations, and quite the haunting show. 


This year’s program, performed at competitions every Saturday, is titled, “Abandoned.” The show features a cast of a group of dolls and a singular human. The program will be performed for the last time at championships on Sunday, April 23. 



Silia Dimasi Leads First Ever Women's History Month Hygiene Drive

The Women’s Activism Club and the Key Club  are partnering up together for the first time to host a hygiene drive throughout the high school, where the collected supplies will be donated to an organization in need. Women’s Activism member Silia Dimasi said, “While there have been school-wide drives where the proceeds go to organizations helping women, this is the first drive created with the intention of using Women’s History Month as an opportunity to give to those less fortunate.”  



An Uphill Battle: A Fight Against Asbestos in the School Library

Due to recent discoveries of asbestos in the school’s library, renovations have been halted on a space that the students of Nutley High School need. Principal Dennis Williams said, “I can’t give an exact estimate on when it’ll be open, but after talking to contractors and architects; it shouldn’t take long, maybe a couple of renovations and mostly cosmetic things.” 



Raiderfest Preparations Underway

As the largest extra-curricular student participation day at NHS comes closer, the preparations have begun. Raiderfest is three months away and student council members and the advisors are going to make sure this is a day no one will forget. Advisors are doing everything they can to improve this year's Raiderfest based on last year's.



CORE and StuCo Spread the Love

Last Friday, two clubs at NHS collaborated with the common goal of spreading joy and love within the school for Valentine’s Day. The Community Outreach Representatives for Education (CORE) program and Student Council (StuCo), two clubs who are always trying to spread school spirit, did just that with this event. “Our goal was to highlight love and positive energy in honor of Valentine’s Day,” StuCo advisor Melissa Petrillo said.


Students Make Course Decisions for the Upcoming School Year

With about half of the 2022-2023 school year completed, NHS counselors are going to start scheduling for the 2023-2024 school year. On top of elective choices students also have to consider taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Just like an honors course, AP courses also offer a weighted GPA but they also can offer college credits that can help defray tuition costs for students attending college in the future.