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Nutley High School’s Local Scholarship Night: How You Can Get Involved and Why Scholarships Are So Important

In Nutley, high school seniors have an opportunity to earn scholarships from local donors for their hard work and dedication to their education. The scholarships given are to help seniors “with the cost of tuition and fees for college or post-secondary plans,” says Mrs. Gerckens, the Coordinator of School Counseling here in Nutley. NHS has so much respect for our donors, especially during times like these. Their generosity does not go unnoticed. 


During normal circumstances, the ceremony would be held in the auditorium for students, donors and families. The donors, parents, scholarship recipients, and staff would be gathered together to celebrate the recipients. The donors would have a chance to meet their scholarship recipient(s), and the students get to thank them in person. Now, the awards were held indoors in the school gym on June 14, 2021. Only recipients were allowed to attend while donors and parents tuned in online to watch the students receive awards. 


Current senior and scholarship recipient Emily Smyth attended the ceremony. She won the Crew Booster Scholarship along with Mark So and the Nutley Irish American Scholarship along with eight others. Winning these scholarships will help “ease the cost of further education and can help with extra expenses not covered in tuition,” says Emily. These other expenses include books, laptops, supplies, etc. Emily Smyth will be attending Rutgers University in New Brunswick this upcoming fall. 


Amanda Gibney, also a current senior and scholarship recipient was awarded the Nutley Irish American Scholarship along with eight others and the Washington School PTO scholarship along with four others. She explains how “incredibly grateful” she is for the scholarship donors. With these scholarships, she “will put money towards tuition and help buy books,” says Amanda. Amanda Gibney will be attending Misericordia University in Pennsylvania in the fall.   


Both Emily and Amanda, having been awarded with these scholarships, are extremely thankful. They realize how important scholarships are for college or post-secondary education. The money they receive from these scholarships is crucial when it comes to the financial aspect of college. Books and supplies can be extremely expensive when added up, so these scholarships are a tremendous help for them. 


Current juniors are interested in scholarship opportunities for next year and some are eager to sign up already. Although juniors are looking into colleges now, they are not quite eligible to sign up for these scholarships just yet. 


The process of signing up for scholarships beings in January of senior year. “Once we have all the scholarships for that year, the counselors post them all in Naviance with directions on how to apply,” says Mrs. Gerckens. Once students are able to apply, they will be considered for the scholarship(s). 


Local businesses and or willing donors can get involved easily. All they have to do is email Mrs. Gerckens or Mrs. Pasquale, the School Counseling Department secretary, and let them know they would like to become involved. Nutley High School is very grateful for its donors and has nothing but respect for them. Every donor is appreciated. To become a donor, make sure to reach out! 




Principal's Distinguished Service Award: Taylor Carnell


Salutatorian Award: Anish Kumar and Erin Laney 


Valedictorian Award  - The Dr. Eileen L. Poiani Award: Saumya Dwivedi


Academic Boosters Club - Chuck Appel Scholarship: Saumya Dwivedi


Academic Boosters Club - Dr. James J. Fadule, Jr. Scholarship: Isabella Iodice 


Academic Boosters Club - Gisela Widersich Scholarships: Emily Hoffer and Ayman Mahgob


American Association of University Women - Nutley Branch Scholarship in Honor of Gilda Schwartz: Faye Smith


American Legion Auxiliary Unit 70 - Elizabeth Doefinger Memorial Scholarship: Arianna Roberts


American Legion  Auxiliary Unit 70 - Barbara McClintick Memorial Scholarship: Shannon Redstone


American Legion Post 70  - Nutley Scholarship in Memory of Frank Marsh: Brandon Borja


American Legion Post 70 - Nutley Scholarship in Memory of Robert McClintick: Aiden Hamlin


Anne Starace Award for Outstanding Student Pursuing Education: Isabella Iodice


Barbara Ann Callahan & Joseph M. Callahan Scholarships: Anna Contini, Sophia Genna, Meghan Macaluso, Amanda McCullough


Black Excellence Scholarships: Jordan Greene, Liamarith Gil, Edward Schaefer


Brian McGinley Award for Outstanding History Student: Erin Laney


Brigadier General John R. Jannarone  Memorial Scholarship: Jolie Corvino


Bruce Gallagher Memorial Scholarship: Rianna Sacco


David A. Wilson Vocational Technical Scholarships: Emily Hoffer


Dolores & Steven Clar Scholarships: Ibrahim Elnaggar and Faye Smith


Donald & Janet Gardner Memorial Scholarship: Charles Searle


Donna Signorelli Scholarship: Jolie Corvino


Dr. Virginius D. Mattia - Public Service Award: Anish Kumar


Education Association of Nutley Scholarships: Hanna Algieri, Sofia Caruso, Elizabeth Sorensen


Elizabeth Stolfi Award for Outstanding English Student: Isabella Rivera


Excellence in Studio Art Scholarship: Meghan Macaluso


Filomena Coppola Memorial Scholarship: Mia Eltzholtz


Friends of Nutley Singers Scholarships: Emily Ostrowski, Luke Surretsky, Meghan Tran


Friends of Nutley Singers:  Raymond Kohere Scholarship: Victoria Alameda


Gabriel Clar Medical Training Award: Gabriel Tunnerman and Kimberly Rivera


Going Forward Scholarship Fund: Max Martino and Giannah Auremia


Gregory Catrambone Leadership Award - Scholarship for Exemplary Leadership & Service: Kaitlin Mui


Investors Bank Scholarships: Alvin Briones and Elaine Dong


Israel & Celia Sonenshein Memorial Fund Award: Ayman Mahgob


Jack Suffren Award for Outstanding Mathematics Student: Meredith Carson


James & Joanne Paulson Memorial Scholarship: Ibrahim Elnaggar


James V. Tricaricio Memorial Scholarship Award: Maria Rodriguez


John H. Walker Foundation Scholarships: Mawutor Fiavey, Max Martino, Alec Nole


Jonathan F. Currie Foundation: Alexandra Duffe


Kevin Ryan Memorial Cross Country Track & Field Scholarships: Sean Bernardo, Morgan DeFluri, Tiffany Miruelo, Alexandra Wasko


Kingsland Manor Scholarship: Madeline Seckler


Kiwanis Club of Belleville-Nutley – Frank Pitt Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Chang


Lakeland Bank Scholarship: Elijah Campbell


Lauren Vitiello-Fazio Memorial Scholarships: Liamarith Gil, Tyler Loch


Lincoln School PTO Scholarships: Meredith Carson, Gennaro Longobardi, Mia Portee


Lions Club of Nutley: Dr. Robert Levinson Memorial Scholarship: Kimberly Rivera


Make an Impact Service Award: Areesha Ahmed


Melissa's HOPE Scholarships in Memory of Melissa Ann Centrella: Noor Alalwan


Michael D. Reilley Foundation Scholarship: Makenzie Conklin and Gianna Zoppi


Michels Family Scholarship: Patrick Campbell


Miss Siggy Scholarship: Victoria Alameda


Mr. V's Dedication to Music Scholarship: Victoria Alameda


Nicastro Gourmet Sauces Scholarship: Matthew Bobadilla


Northwest Essex Community Healthcare Network Scholarship: Julia Ciccone


Nutley Elks Youth Activities Committee Scholarships: Jason Cabrera, Ibrahim Elnaggar, Angelica Quijada, Nora Janikan


Nutley Football Boosters Club Scholarship: Charles Searle


Nutley/Columbia Ice Hockey Booster Club Scholarship: Cooper Fojas


Nutley High School Crew Booster Association Scholarships: Emily Smyth and Mark So


Nutley High School PTO Scholarships: Mia Castro, Tyler Chang, Cooper Fojas


Nutley Historical Society – Ann B. Troy/Dr. Robert Heald Memorial Award: Ibrahim Elnaggar


Nutley Historical Society – Florence E. Rutan Award: Emily Ostrowski


Nutley Historical Society – Royal E. Stager Memorial  Award: Meredith Carson


Mr. Michael Gabriele will now present autographed copies of his books:                                               The Nutley Velodrome and The golden Age of Bicycle Racing in New Jersey: Jaclyn Magil 


Nutley Irish/American Association - Anne P. Keating Scholarship: Amanda McCullough and Matthew McCullough


Nutley Irish/American Association - John V. Kelly Scholarship: Anna Contini and Charles Contini


Nutley Irish/American Association Scholarships: Gail Baumann, Gerard Bevere, Morgan DeFluri, Amanda Gibney, Aiden Hamlin, Jaclyn Magill, Shannon Redstone, Emily Smyth, Lorianne O'Connor


Nutley Jaycees- Thomas Hanlon Scholarship: Charles Searle


Nutley Music Boosters Association - Dr. Ernest Ersfeld Music Scholarships: Samantha Daly, Luke Surrestsky, Anna Rabbia


Nutley Music Boosters Association – Lester Hrbek Music Scholarships: Victoria Alameda, Meredith Carson, Kirsten Patalinjug


Nutley Music Boosters Association – Mc Bride Family Scholarship: Meredith Carson


Nutley Parent Advocacy Network Scholarship: Areesha Torres


Nutley Rotary Club - Chester H.. Ryan Vocational Craftsman Grant: Gail Baumann


Nutley Rotary Club - Joseph Viola Memorial Interact Scholarship: Alexandra Wasko


Nutley Rotary Club - Juried Art Exhibition Scholarship: Areesha Ahmed


Nutley Rotary Club - Rotary Scholarship for Scholastic Excellence & Community Service: Anna Contini 


Nutley Rotary Club - Thomas D’Ambola Memorial Scholarship: Gianna Zoppi


Nutley UNICO – Pride in Achievement Scholarship: Kiara Molina


Nutley UNICO - Academic Achievement Scholarship: Nina Gencarelli


Nutley UNICO - Alfred & Anna Biondi Science Scholarship: Ava Sacchetti


Nutley UNICO – Amy Bonadonna Memorial Art Scholarship: Jolie Corvino


Nutley UNICO – Angelo M. Arcuti Memorial Grant: Aiden Hamlin


Nutley UNICO – Brian Piccolo Scholar Athlete Scholarships: Julia Ciccone and Charles Searle


Nutley UNICO - Crupi Family Dog, Cat & Bird Clinic Scholarship: Sofia Caruso 


Nutley UNICO – Frank Cocchiola, Sr. Community Service Scholarship: Christopher Carnovale


Nutley UNICO – Italian Language Scholarships: Sophia Genna and James Joyce 


Nutley UNICO - James J. Piro Law & Community Service School Scholarship: Joseph Bartell


Nutley UNICO – John V. Kelly Scholarship: Emily Ostrowski


Nutley UNICO – Joseph Battaglia Memorial Scholarship: Gennaro Longobardi


Nutley UNICO – Mario DiMaggio Mathematics Scholarship: Luca Vespa


Nutley UNICO – Music Scholarship: Luke Surretsky


Nutley UNICO – Nanina’s Culinary Arts Scholarship: Rianna Sacco


Nutley UNICO – Nicholas Martini Memorial Scholarship: Meghan Macaluso


Nutley UNICO - Pennoni Associates - Study of Engineering Scholarship: Meredith Carson


Nutley UNICO – Peter Scarpelli Scholarship: Emily Hoffer


Nutley UNICO- Ritacco Family Grant: Louis Rafaelli


Nutley UNICO – Tina Battaglia Memorial Scholarship: Anna Contini


Nutley UNICO – Vocational/Trade Scholarship: Jennifer Sodano


Patricia Griffin & Florence Myers Award for Outstanding Student Pursuing Education: Isabella Rivera


Philip Remington White Legacy Award: Ibrahim Elnaggar


Policemen's Benevolent Association Local #33  Nutley Scholarships: Louis DeLitta, Aiden Hamlin, Louis Rafaelli


Radcliffe School PTO Scholarships: Nina Gencarelli and Rebecca Nieves


Robert Citrino Memorial Scholarship: Anna Rispoli


Scarpelli Civic Association - Peter C. Scarpelli Education Scholarships: Jessica Caraballo and Max Martino


Sean Michael Holland Memorial Scholarship: Victoria Alameda


Scott Bellucci Dare to Dream Scholarship: Matthew Bobadilla


Scott C. DeCarlo Memorial Scholarship: Alexander French


Spencer Savings Bank Scholarship: Eyad Ahmad


Spring Garden School PTO Scholarships: Saumya Dwivedi, Rianna Sacco, Kayla Vu


Third Half Club of Nutley Scholarship: Gianna Zoppi


Third Half club of Nutley: Charlie Piro Scholarship: Charles Searle


Third Half Club of Nutley: Membership Scholarship: Jake Walsh


Third Half Club of Nutley: Vinnie Turtoriello Scholarship: Anna Mathew


Thomas McCrohan Award for Outstanding Business Student: Kaitlyn Gavidia


Van Riper House Inc. Scholarship: Anish Kumar


Washington School PTO Scholarships: Christopher Carnovale, Alexander French, Sophia Genna, Amanda Gibney, Anna Rispoli


Yantacaw School PTO Scholarships: Anish Kumar, Emily Ostrowski


Graduation Class Speech: Meredith Carson