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Mrs. Marcantonio

Preparing for Change

Most people usually begin to receive an education when they enter elementary school. After passing through their first few years of education, they move onto middle school and high school, where it becomes more challenging.  Once people enter college, they begin to focus on the things that interest them the most. The things that they decide to focus on will lead them to a career.  We each go through many years of schooling, and by the end, we hopefully earn the jobs that we have always strived for. Later on, we begin to plan how our lives will be different after our career, and as we begin retirement.  


One of the history teachers in Nutley High School, Mrs. Marcantonio, is retiring this month after being a part of the Nutley School for nearly 26 years.  Mrs. Marcantonio grew up in Millburn, New Jersey and she later attended Montclair State University. Before becoming a teacher, she was also drawn to the medical fields and the possibility of becoming a veterinarian.  As time passed, she realized that being a teacher interested her more, and she began to focus on the field of education. Mrs. Marcantonio was first part of the middle school for three years, and then she worked in the high school for 22 years. She says her favorite memory of NHS is seeing her “students grow and develop into productive members of society.”


Mrs. Marcantonio said that she also loved, “meeting other teachers and developing long-lasting friendships.” Even though she is looking forward to retiring, she is sad about leaving some things behind.  “I will miss both the students and faculty.”