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“1-2-Raiders!” - A Senior Spotlight on the Girls’ Varsity Tennis Co-Captains

For senior athletes, the last match, race, or game of a season is always an emotional time. Tears are shed on behalf of the team. Coaches mourn the loss of some of their most valuable players—players they’ve spent nearly four years mentoring and guiding in their sport. Players hold each other tightly as they bask in the glory of a last cheer, the last hoorah they’ll ever get in their high school career.


Nutley Will Play Baseball This Summer

The Nutley Raiders will play summer ball. The matchups will begin on June 12 and will wrap up on July 20. There will also be playoff matchups following these dates. Some former teams the Raiders faced during the regular season will also be playing in this tournament. All games will be played at 5:45 pm. Below is the schedule for the upcoming tournament for the Nutley Raiders:


6/12: Nutley @ Caldwell

6/14: Columbia @ Nutley

6/19: Ferris @ Nutley

6/21: Nutley @ West Orange

6/26: West Essex Red @ Nutley

6/28: Glen Ridge @ Nutley


Reviewing the 22-23 NHL Playoffs

Every April, hockey fans around the world enter what some will call the most stressful time of the year. Elevated heart rates, all-nighters on weekdays, stress snacking, and shouting, all parts of the experience of watching your favorite team face off in a playoff game. Sometimes your team doesn’t make it, sometimes the games result in boring blowouts. Luckily for us, some fresh faces have joined the competition this year in the race for the Stanley Cup.



Nutley Closes Out The 2023 Season With A Bang

This past Tuesday, May 23rd, the Raiders captured a victory in their final game of the season on the road against Old Tappan. Heading into their final matchup of the year, Old Tappan was ranked first in the Big North National division and Nutley was ranked sixth in the SEC American division. 



Raiders Capture Final Home Game Win Against Dumont

This past Thursday, May 18th, the Raiders beat Dumont 9-4 in their last home game of the season. This matchup was crucial because it determined the Raider’s seed in the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association Tournament (NJSIAA). Now granted, sitting at a then 5-14 record wasn’t going to determine if they would be a top-five seed, however, it would put them at a lower seed with a potential home game later on in the tournament.


Nutley Wins Sixth Consecutive against Belleville

Nutley Baseball has defeated Belleville in their last five meetings, and Saturday morning's matchup was no different. The Raiders got the ball rolling again against the Buccaneers, following a rough five-game losing streak. Nutley was looking to move up in the rankings in the SEC American division, New Jersey’s toughest baseball conference at the high school level. Heading into Saturday’s matchup, Belleville was ranked first in the Colonial division and Nutley was ranked seventh in the SEC American division. 


Nutley Improves To 4-7 With Crucial Win Against Bloomfield

Tuesday, May 3rd was a bad day to be a Bloomfield Bengal. The Nutley Raiders bounced back in a huge way Tuesday afternoon against Bloomfield, following a tough 10-3 loss at the hands of Columbia on April 26th. Nutley was looking to move up in the rankings in the SEC American division, New Jersey’s toughest baseball conference at the high school level. Heading into Tuesday’s matchup, Bloomfield was ranked first in the Liberty division and Nutley was ranked sixth in the SEC American division. 



Raiders Hit Their Stride In Blowout Victory Against Montclair

Mont Who? You heard right. The Nutley Raiders bounced back in a colossal way Friday afternoon against Montclair, following a tough 9-2 loss at the hands of Livingston on April 19th. Nutley was looking to move up in the rankings in the SEC American division, New Jersey’s toughest baseball conference at the high school level. Montclair was ranked fourth and Nutley was ranked seventh. 



Varsity Baseball Captures First Season Win Against Columbia

The boys varsity baseball team secured their first win of the season against Columbia High School on Monday, April 10th at Tangora Field. Columbia High School, located in Maplewood Township, is ranked number six in the American Division of the Super Essex Conference (SEC), right ahead of Nutley who is ranked number seven. 



Head Coach Puzio Returns To The Dugout

Eric Puzio is back in the dugout as head coach of NHS varsity baseball after serving 12 years as assistant coach. Puzio replaces Coach Bob Harbison who resigned after 19 years as head coach. Puzio said, “I’m very excited to return to Nutley baseball. Being a former player and former assistant coach, it's been my dream to come back and be the head coach of this program.


Raiders Speak On Tom Brady's Retirement . . . Again

Seven time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady announced his official retirement from the National Football League (NFL) on February 1, 2023, the same day he had retired a year earlier, before returning back to the NFL on March 13, 2022. Sophomore Kattie Guerrero said, “I’m actually very surprised he retired just because it seemed like he was never going to leave. I’m really sad, too. I’m a Cowboys fan but was always a huge Tom Brady fan especially when he was on the Patriots.” 



Nutley Hosts First Ever All Girls Wrestling Match

The Nutley High School program hosted its first ever all-girls wrestling match on Monday, January 30th. This event started at 6 p.m. and both Varsity and Junior Varsity teams participated. Presently, there are six girls on the team, but there have only been two female wrestlers prior to this year: senior Mariah Koster, who has been wrestling for the high school team since her freshman year, and junior Isabella Bobadilla who joined the team her sophomore year. 



The NHS Staff Give Their Super Bowl Predictions And Plans For The Upcoming Big Day

Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend, and passionate NFL fans are ready to attend, and millions are ready to watch from around the world. Super Bowl LVII (57) is set for an electrifying showdown between two NFL heavyweights. It’s the first Super Bowl with two black quarterbacks and two brothers facing off for glory. The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will fight for the Vince Lombardi Trophy and submit themselves to NFL stardom.


Cheerleaders journey into competition season

The 6-3 football team from Nutley High School received support all season long from the cheerleading squad. With the season coming to an end, the cheerleaders shifted their goals and began to get ready for their competition season. The memories formed on the field during these games were emotional for several of these cheerleaders, 11 of whom were seniors, but the girls were excited to start their season after their victory at the Super Essex Conference back in October.