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Into The Woods Jr.

Into The Woods Jr. Was A Success

John H. Walker Middle School produced their professional, junior level show on Friday May 6, 2022 at 7:00pm and on Saturday May 7, 2022 at 2:00 pm. Ms. Christina Alamo, the director of the show, decided on Into The Woods Jr. to be the first show for the middle school. 


Last year during the height of COVID in schools, the crew “met virtually as a club so that we could record some skits and watch/discuss broadway shows online together last year, but Into the Woods, Jr. was the first time we were actually back on the stage,” explains Alamo. 


But even before that, in 2019-2020, the junior cast was already preparing for Into The Woods Jr. Then of course, COVID 19 spread like wildfire and the Nutley Schools district shut down in person learning. This left Alamo and the cast with no option but to put the show on hold until it was safe to perform it again. 


This year they decided to stick with Into The Woods Jr., “Carrying through with this show and honoring that 2019-2020 cast was a no brainer,” says Alamo. They already had props and costumes waiting to be used so they decided to stick with the show and it turned out to be a night to remember. 


According to Alamo, the students were terrific when it came to balancing school work and the show. “Whenever they weren't on stage or preparing for a scene, they knew that they could be backstage or in the auditorium seats doing their homework -- and they truly did.” This allowed them to leave rehearsal knowing that their homework is done and they can go home to a relaxing environment without having to worry about their work. 


The show was a success! On Friday night alone, almost 350 tickets were sold. So many families, friends, and community members came out and supported the first ever professional junior show at the middle school and that has inspired Alamo and the students to keep performing.