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Freshman Girls Basketball Anxious to Begin Season

As the upcoming girls' basketball season approaches, the members are anxious to get on the court.

Freshman Emma Valdez believes she’s sharpened her skills to prepare for the upcoming season: “I’ve improved my endurance and some skills, like ball handling,” she said. Valdez joined the team because, she said, “I love the sport, so I thought it would be fun to be part of the team.” She aspires to “contribute as a hardworking teammate.”


When it comes to the qualities she values in a coach, she believes, "A coach should be an open-minded person who’s willing to work hard as much as the players." Valdez believes the dedication and teamwork that will be important factors in the upcoming basketball season.


Coach Kara McNish describes her coaching style as "fair, passionate, and approachable." She emphasizes the importance of doing the little things well to make the big things possible. For her, hard work takes precedence over talent, and she sees sports as a means to help individuals become better people.


McNish strives to maintain consistency in her coaching style.  "Always do the little things well to make the big things possible," she said. For her, hard work beats talent, and she believes playing sports helps us become better people.

McNish did not become a coach just because she wanted to; she's been playing sports her whole life and said that she had amazing coaches who inspired her. Her high school basketball coach, especially, made a big impact by coaching the team all the way through her pregnancy, up until two weeks before she had her baby.


Also, McNish has short-term and long-term goals. For her short term, she wants to get used to her new role and make sure the players are ready for their first game on December 14th. As for her long term, she dreams of having a team that's not just competitive but can make it to the state tournament. Plus, she wants to build a strong program that lasts for many years.  Her focus on both short-term wins and long-term success shows she's thinking about the big picture for her team, making them strive for success. 


Anna Riccio is anxious to make contributions to the team. She said, "I want to give my best and help teammates when I can." Teamwork is a priority for Anna. Regarding improvement areas, Anna said, "I'm focusing on getting better at shooting this season." For her, it's all about personal growth within the team dynamic.

On her ideal coach, Anna kept it straightforward: "I want a coach who can support me when needed." Guidance is key for her.

Anna said practices are essential to the team’s improvement, "We start with shooting, warm-ups, drills, and a bit of running for conditioning. It's always fun."