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Yankees Injury Report

Despite the Yankees having a good season so far, half of the team is on the injured list. Players the team relies on, including Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, are badly injured after they missed more games than people predicted. For example, Aaron Judge is out for a left oblique strain and Giancarlo Stanton is out for a shoulder injury and biceps strain. Twelve players are currently on the injured list and even though most of them have an idea of when they’re coming back, it's hard to predict how long it may take them to fully recover.



A Never-Ending Road

While all good things have to come to an end, NHS senior athletes Josh O’Neill and Danielle Lohf embrace their experiences as Nutley Raiders. Both Lohf and O’Neill are multiple varsity sport athletes for Nutley High School. During their time attending Nutley High School, Lohf played for the varsity soccer and track team for four consecutive years for both. While O’Neill played for the varsity football team for two years and baseball team for four years.




The Nutley Boys’ Lacrosse team has been above par this year. The 2018-2019 NHS Varsity Lax team is 4-5, and the coaching staff is content with that record. So far, this season has been better than in previous years, and they look to capitalize on the games that they should be winning. Now, sitting at the middle of the pack in their league it’s time for Nutley to make a break for the upper half of the table.



Farewell Mr. Noonan

Mr. Rich Noonan has been a physical education teacher at NHS since 1999. He introduced the boys' lacrosse program at NHS that same year. He recently announced his retirement from teaching at the end of the school year, but will continue with his role of coach. 


Like most educators. Noonan chose this career path because of the students.  “It’s the kids," he said about the best part of his job. "It is really great to be able to work with kids and be able to teach them.”



Nutley's Newest Tennis Player

High school is a great time for students to try different clubs and sports to see what they like and may be interested in. Typically, students take their first two years to try new things, but for senior Louis Conca, he decided that he was going to take on tennis for his final spring sport season in high school.



Losing The Battle, But Not The War

The Duke Blue Devils’ season came to an abrupt end Sunday, March 31, when they were beaten by Michigan State in an absolute thriller, 68-67, in their “Elite 8” showdown of the March Madness tournament.



Spring Track and Field Offers Athletes Welcoming Environment

Coming into high school, many students search for something to be a part of, whether it is a sport, club, or other after school activities. Most are unsure about what they want so they try a variety of things and often discover a new skill or passion. At Nutley High School, track and field is one of the most popular and fun sports among all grade levels because of its environment and social offerings. Juniors Maria Marucci and Anthony DePersio share the experiences that track has brought them.  Coach Gerald Ryan speaks about how track can enhance students’ lives.


Yankees Coming Back from a Previous Slump?

As the season continues, the New York Yankees are fighting for their second place ranking in the AL East, as they recently dropped to third, but are now back in second as of April 18. Having 17 wins and 13 losses so far, a peak is beginning to show for the team. Although that prediction may be tough to determine, that doesn’t stop the excitement from the fans, as the players continue to make great plays and show their fight for improvement.



Predictions: Champions League 2018-2019

Soccer fans all around the world are biting their nails as the Champions League is now in full swing. The tournament started its early stages in September of 2018. Currently, the Champions League is in the Round of 16 stage of the tournament. The Champions League is the toughest competition for professional club soccer in the world. The biggest teams in Europe compete for a chance to win the tournament and be crowned the best team in the world. It is the most watched annual sporting event worldwide, the final will be held on June 1st of this year.



Training for Basketball Season

The Nutley Girls Varsity Basketball Team is one of the most talked about sports teams at Nutley High School during the winter season. The team is coached by Mr. Larry Mitschow who is a physical education teacher at Nutley High School. This season, the three captains were seniors Courtney Wilde, Rebecca Granta, and Alaina Feaster. The team was more than just teammates. There were friendships that were made throughout the seasons. As Coach Mitschow said, “The team developed a special bond on and off the court. We had great team chemistry and enjoyed a lot of laughs this year.”


All You Need to Know About Nutley's Crew Team

Nutley High School has many sports teams and clubs, but crew is one of the largest teams at the school. Crew is a team effort, a sport where all members are in sync on a physical and mental level. They come together as one machine, each student being a separate cog that the machine wouldn’t work without. All students are dedicated to the sport, being available at all times as well as needing to keep up academic standards. There’s a special bond between the students, their separate teams, and their coach.




Raiders Swing for the Fences This Spring

The Nutley High School baseball team is preparing for, what could be, their best season in decades. Immediately following a record season, the team has a nearly full roster returning and they're hungry to take back what they let slip through their fingers a year ago.


Josh O’Neil, a returning varsity starter, has high hopes for both his team and himself this season. “We’re winning states, counties and everything else,” said O’Neil. “I expect nothing but success.”



A Journey With NHS Student Athletes

Many high school student athletes experience extreme difficulty managing their workload along with their practices and game schedule. Some of these students also cram other things into their schedules like a job and school clubs and activities. These athletes often experience stress during their sport’s season. Some student athletes learn to manage their time on their own while others need guidance to get through their sports’ season in order to achieve success in all areas.




Yankees' Spring Training Update

New York Yankees’ spring training started in late February, and the home runs and great plays are already adding up. The Yankees currently have a total of 14 wins during their pre-season and will continue spring training games through March 25. The regular season begins on March 28.



An Incredible Season for Patrick Mahomes

A New Era in Kansas


At the start of the NFL season, if someone were to say that Patrick Mahomes was going to be an all-star quarterback, they would probably have been laughed at. Now, if you even mention his name, everyone knows exactly who you are talking about and talks so highly of him. Twenty-three year old Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, is dominating the league and continued his promising season in the playoffs.



Behind the Scenes of Nutley’s Athletic Department

The Athletic Department at Nutley High School is run by Director of Athletics, Mr. Joe Piro. Helping to run the department behind scenes is Ms. Javanna Ritacco, assistant secretary to the Director of Athletics. Mr. Piro is in charge of all elements of the program and according to Ritacco is, “one of the best at this job.”  



The Race to NBA Rookie of the Year

Every June, 60 young prospects receive the dream of a lifetime. While most tend to not pan out as well as they had hoped, some young players flourish in the limelight. During the 2018-19 NBA season, Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks and DeAndre Ayton of the Phoenix Suns have been nothing short of spectacular.



The NHS Varsity Softball Team Prepares for the Upcoming 2019 Season

On January 7, the NHS varsity softball team began their winter workouts for the upcoming 2019 season. Workouts are held at John H. Walker Middle School in Nutley, New Jersey. Each session is held from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


Every year, the team begins preparing for tryouts through these workouts by practicing both hitting and fielding. Through competitive games to catching up with one another, fun is also incorporated into each session. Workouts are held every Monday until the week of tryouts, which is undetermined at this point.


Senior Reflections

At Nutley High School, some seniors’ athletic seasons are coming to a close, and many of the athletes will not see the field again.  After playing a sport for four years with the same people, the athletes have created a bond with their teammates and coaches that will be with them forever.  Some athletes will not be continuing their athletic career in college and their four years will come to an end.



Six NHS Athletes Sign Their NLI to Big Division One Schools

Commitments are Now Official


November 14th is a very important and special day for athletes across the nation. This is the first National Signing Day of the year for seniors who are committing to a college. This means that athletes who have verbally committed to a college for a sport can sign a letter called the National Letter of Intent (NLI) and make their commitment official.