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What it is Like Being a High School Senior in Quarantine

I never thought that I would have to write an article such as this one, nor do I want to write it now. The coronavirus expanded in what seems like seconds and has now altered the lives of everyone across the globe. Now, we are all struggling, trying to grasp a society that once seemed a dystopia to us all. In this article, I am breaking the barriers of formal journalism and writing an account of feelings that seniors, including myself, are experiencing in a time of uncertainty, disbelief, and trepidation. 


High school is such a strange and unique period in everyone's life. You begin to navigate your interests, while becoming increasingly aware of the society we all live in in relation to our individual identity. More importantly, it represents a time of action and bloom, one that is rare and unique to the time.


As seniors, it is normal for us to mourn the lost time of high school that we all have been waiting for since the very beginning of freshman year. We can acknowledge the monstrosities of this time, the fight that we may or may not be encountering first hand, while feeling saddened by the lack of closure we are afforded. Our generation, in particular, is constantly reminded of what a high school experience is supposed to be as we watch countless movies and television shows that emphasize what our youth should encompass before entering the years of large responsibilities. While we lose only the end of high school, we lose the beginning of a new freedom that we awaited since our years in elementary school (prom, graduation, award ceremonies, sports season and more). 


For many of us, graduation defines our accomplishments. It is a time where friends and family can come together to celebrate a loved one's success. It also holds great importance to the individual, a time where they can really say “I made it” and see the future as bright rather than stress the days that follow.


Most importantly, this time was one that was supposed to bring happiness and unity to most, even when they don’t get to have that at home. Personally, I have had a rough past couple of months, with the loss of my mother. I was looking forward to both the little and big things that the end of high school promised. Just like me, there are many students across the globe who were waiting for these moments that would shed light on what seems to be such a dark time. 


Right now I’m sure this time “feels fake” as some of my peers have put it but right now we can just hold onto what we have and be thankful for the ones who are risking their life just to support and save ours. 


Congratulations seniors, we made it.