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Our Dress Code Seems “Suit-able” to Me

Many students complain about the Nutley High school dress code; but, I feel there is a lot of freedom when it comes to what students want to wear. Many come to school in tank tops and tube tops and boys come in tank tops and slides and slippers. No teachers say anything, and comparing that to middle school and elementary school, students have a lot more freedom.


The NHS dress code states “... the code is designed to encourage a mode of dress and grooming that is conducive to establishing a climate of discipline, order, teaching and an effective learning environment.” This shows that the Board of Education wants students to express themselves through the way they dress, but also wants it to be appropriate for school. 


As a student at NHS I come to school and feel comfortable wearing my clothes and not feeling like I'm going to get dress-coded. I do feel I am not the only student who feels this way, and this is because I see many students walk around in crocs and slippers, cropped shirts, and pajama pants without having to worry about a teacher approaching them about their choice of clothing. 


I don’t agree with all the students who believe the dress code is unfair. I feel out of all the years I've been in school NHS has the best dress code. It makes students feel comfortable and be able to be confident and wear what they want. 


Overall I feel that the dress code is supporting students in what they want to wear but also making sure it's appropriate for school. You can wear what is comfortable to you and also makes someone feeling confident.The school has a good balance of managing student’s outfits and making sure they’re appropriate but also what they want to wear.