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Tell Me A Story

The CBS All Access show, Tell me a Story’s, first season starts off in New York City and tells the fiction Grimm Brothers stories of The Three Little Pigs, Little-Red Riding Hood, and Hansel and Gretel. Each of the stories is  being twisted into real situations in today's society. The show is rated a 7.6 out of 10 and is a notably darker version of ABC’s counterpart Once Upon A Time. The Three Little Pigs tells the story of Eddie, Mitch, and Sam who are portrayed by the actors Paul Wesley, Michael Raymond James, and Dorian Crossmond Missick. The three men were in the middle of a robbery at a jewelry store and one of them shot an innocent man’s wife. The wife’s husband, named Jordan  (James Wolk) makes it his obsession to find his wife’s murderer and to “hunt him down.” This leads Jordan, Eddie, Mitch, and Sam into a whole load of trouble.


The today’s society Little-Red tells the story of a girl named Kayla (Danielle Campbell) who pretends to be older than she says she is and goes to a local pub and meets a guy named Nick (Billy Magnussen). They develop feelings for each other and share an emotional connection. The next morning when Kayla starts her first day at her new high school. As she starts to sit down the teacher she sees happens to be Nick the guy at the pub she met. Things get complicated and Kayla comes to realise that Nick isn’t the guy she thought he was and he happens to be a psychopath named Joshua who was a student of Kayla’s mother. Kayla’s mother once was a teacher but she tragically died in a car wreck caused by Joshua obsessing over her. Joshua starts to target Kayla since Kayla resembles her mother a lot. Kayla learns a life lesson that her mother’s death wasn’t an accident. She learns to forgive her father after thinking it was his fault her mother cheated with a psychopath and her ending up getting killed for the dumb life choices she made for herself.  

Hansel and Gretel story tells a story about a guy named Gabe (Davi Santos) and his sister Hannah (Dania Ramirez). They got into trouble one night when Gabe accidentally murdered a billionaire who still owed Sam money. The man was due to pay him back, but since he was dead, the money was left in the Penn house where Hannah stole it. She thought she needed the money because of all the hard times she and  Gabe have endured. She believed that it should be given back to them. Gabe and Hannah find out the money wasn’t originally the billionaire's and end up getting chased down. During the chase Hannah and Gabe learn a life lesson and learn to not take things they think they’ve earned when really it was stolen property. 

The second season tells three new stories of the Grimm brothers classic fairy tales. Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast. Each of these new twists on classic fairy tales have their own message through the storyline and the viewers of the show learn that your actions have consequences. The creator wrote these stories to bring society up to date with real life situations that happen like these and teach the viewers that you can’t get away with everything, everything comes with a price to pay.