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Tom Holland at one of the Spiderman: Far From Home premieres.

Spiderman: Far From Home

Following the biggest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spiderman: Far From Home depicts Peter Parker, portrayed by Tom Holland, and his friends in Europe for a class trip after the major events that occurred in Avengers: Endgame. Far From Home is the 23rd movie in the MCU and is the final movie of the Infinity Saga. After just coming back from the vanished (from Thano’s snap) after five years and losing his only father figure, Tony Stark, all in one day, Peter just wants to enjoy his summer and tell the girl he likes how he feels. However, Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson) and Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhall) have other plans for him. 



Far From Home was the movie that all fans needed to restore their happiness after the heartbreak of Endgame. After Tony Stark and Natasha Ramanoff sacrificed themselves to save the universe and Steve Rogers went back in time to find love, what were the Avengers and how was a 16 year old boy going to fix it? I was very unsure of what to expect before watching, but with every other successful movie behind it, my expectations were high. 



As a huge fan of the MCU and an even bigger fan of Tom Holland and Spiderman I was really excited to see Peter’s development after all of the pain that he had to endure. This movie took all types of turns and shocks as it went on causing me to like it more and more. Like every Marvel movie, it takes you on an emotional journey from happy to sad to angry and repeat. It brought back memories from Iron Man and how his former villains are now affecting Peter. Mysterio begins the movie as a new companion to Peter that helps him deal with the stress that Fury causes him. However, once Peter hands over his only gift from Tony to Mysterio, his true motives are revealed. 



Although walking into the movie I was aware that Mysterio was the bad guy, I was not ready for the intense battle scene that would play out. After Peter beats himself up over the mistakes that he has made throughout this film, he finally focuses and makes everything right. He tells MJ the way he feels and finally comes face to face with Mysterio, the master hypnotist and magician.



Peter already went against him a couple times, but failed to understand his ability and get past the illusions that he was creating. However, at the end of the movie he uses his “Peter Tingle,” also known as his spider senses, to see past the illusions and defeat Mysterio. Peter is unable to tell the difference between what’s real from what’s fake, but he finally does, which surprises Mysterio.  As I watched this scene unfold, I sat stunned in my chair. I did not know how to react. It was the best defeat of a villain I have ever watched. It was different than all the others which ultimately made it stand out so greatly. 



Spiderman: Far From Home reached $1,000,000,000 after less than a month of being in theaters and also became only one of five solo Marvel movies to accomplish that. It is the only Spiderman movie to succeed this, being one of seven. The role of spiderman was portrayed by two other actors before it was a part of the MCU and Holland was the newest face. Spiderman: Far From Home is now the 23rd highest grossing movie of all time and will be released on blu-ray September 17th. Holland’s ability to act is special and I look forward to seeing him appear in future MCU films.