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NHS Band with their win at Nationals

The Snow is Falling, But The Band is Rising!

Due to the NHS auditorium repairs, the NHS Yuletide concert was moved to after the holidays. It took place on Wednesday night, January 16. In many ways, the timing took pressure away from an already busy season and gave parents, community members, and students something to look forward to during this cold, dreary January.


The band has been working hard to meet their goals and prepare for this year’s concert, which was held at the John H. Walker Middle School. Mr.Vicchiariello, the band’s director, has the highest expectations for his students. They worked hard in preparation for this concert.


When the Yuletide concert started creeping around the corner, the students of NHS band started to bring on their A-game to rehearsals. Going in for extra practice during lunch and staying a little bit after school helped them prepare for the concert.


Mr. Vicchiariello credits the students with putting in the effort to be put on a great show. “I think a lot of the time we always feel like we aren't ready,” Mr. Vicchiariello said. “In the end we ultimately are, and the students always rise to the occasion.”


The band has a variety of songs that they played for the Yuletide Concert. Playing contemporary and upbeat songs leaves everybody intrigued and wanting more. “We’re doing a full orchestra piece, wind ensemble, and string,” Mr. Vicchiariello said. “Mrs. Rothkopf and I have been working on a piece to be a full orchestra for a while.”


For the remainder of the year, wind assemble will be performing at the North Jersey concert band festival in March. Concert Choir, band, and string will both be traveling to Williamsburg, Virginia for a trip, then the band will be finishing off the year with a concert.