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Giorgio Armani

Silent Fashion Show?

Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion designer whose signature is comfortable yet extremely elegant clothing. He is known mostly for his crisp and clean menswear line but has ventured out and tried other designs. Armani has been recognized as the most successful fashion designer Italy has ever produced. 


With all of his wonderful success, he built his empire and created beautiful clothing for the public. Armani has been putting on breathtaking fashion shows for almost a decade. He uses these fashion shows as a way to express his creativity using his very own designs. The most recent show looked a bit different than what his shows usually look like during fashion week. 


Recently Russia invaded Ukraine. At Armani’s show on Sunday, February 27, during Milan Fashion Week, he decided to have the models walk in silence out of respect for those impacted by the conflict. “The best thing to do is send a message that we don't want to celebrate because something very disturbing is happening around us,” said the designer. The only present sound was applause from the audience. 


Personally, I think that his tribute to Ukraine was presented with good intentions, but it actively does nothing to support the people suffering. Of course having the show be dedicated to those suffering is something nice to do but Armani has not openly stated anything about him actively helping. I do however respect him for doing something to support those in Ukraine rather than celebrating. 


I think that I would have liked it better if he just had a moment of silence in the beginning of the show rather than the entire show being muted. Because the whole show was muted, I thought that he could have donated or done something tangible to help those fighting for their lives in Ukraine.