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Senior Year with Covid

On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, the +COVID-19 pandemic halted in-person learning, and schools shut down indefinitely. Worldwide students were forced to learn from home and teachers forced to teach from home. Social gatherings were also prohibited. The NHS Class of 2020 unfortunately missed out on the annual end of year festivities, but the class of 2021 has experienced little to nothing of a senior year as well


With the pandemic still on the rise in the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, students were still learning virtually so they did not get to experience a first day of senior year. Following that they missed out on the usual senior events like the senior cruise and fashion show. Now as the year comes to a close students are beginning to think about how other senior year events will look or if we will have any. Mr. Williams, the principal of Nutley High School, and class representative, Bella Rovito, discussed the plan for the end of the year as they try to make it the best possible for current seniors. 


As said no senior events have been able to happen yet and Bella says, “ Covid guidelines are a tricky thing to follow while making everyone happy. It is hard to hold a gathering that won’t become a super spreader that will also be memorable for seniors.


On top of this, a lot of students are focused on college and other future plans after graduation.”  The fashion show which is normally held at a venue like the Valley Regency was cancelled and when offered an alternative not enough kids signed up. Bella thinks, “kids have just adapted to living their own lives with school as background noise,” which relates to the lack of senior spirit. 


As for prom, which is normally the largest and extravagant senior event, there is still uncertainty as to what it will look like. Bella refers to the planning as blurry and Mr.Williams refers to it as challenging. He explains that, “the challenge is not being able to do a traditional sit down dinner prom inside, but we're looking to do something outside.”  He also assures that the plans will be in the district safety guidelines. 


As per usual, following prom comes graduation. Last year the class of 2020 had a split graduation at Owens in which they were allowed to bring two guests each. This year Mr. Williams plans to send the class of 2021 off on the newly renovated Oval. On May 28th the New Jersey governor, Phil Murphy, will announce the guidelines for outdoor events. As of now the limit is 500 guests, but if the number goes above that graduation will be able to look different from last year's class. There is still the possibility of us all being able to graduate together with our parents in the stands like every senior imagines. 


Although this year has been a struggle for seniors there are still a couple months left, and many hope that the end of year events will be made somewhat possible.