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Senior Reflections

At Nutley High School, some seniors’ athletic seasons are coming to a close, and many of the athletes will not see the field again.  After playing a sport for four years with the same people, the athletes have created a bond with their teammates and coaches that will be with them forever.  Some athletes will not be continuing their athletic career in college and their four years will come to an end.


Senior year can be very bitter sweet.  Athletes are excited to win with their teams and go all the way, but when it is over, it's over. Seniors Giulia Polewka, Vincent Marinaro, Arianna Burgos, and Eli Acosta from NHS reflect on their fall sports ending.


Giulia Polewka is the Nutley varsity girls’ soccer captain and this was her last fall season playing as a Raider.  She has been a key component to the varsity team since her freshman year. She made a close connection with her head coach Mike DiPiano and assistant coach Adina Corasanti.  “Coach DiPiano and Corasanti have put such an impact on my life these past four years. I feel as if I can go to both coaches with anything to talk about,” Polewka says. “They treat me like family.”  


Polewka has given it her all for the past four years and will truly be missed on the field.  Polewka has also created a lot of friendships on the soccer team. “Our friendships will last a lifetime and I still keep in touch with the girls that have graduated when I was only a freshman;” she said. Polewka wishes best of luck to the upcoming girls and to the girls that will graduate and play at the college level.  “Our bonds are so special and I am forever thankful to have spent time with them.”


Varsity Cross Country runner Vincent Marinaro’s season just ended this fall, but he is looking to still run in college. Marinaro also had formed relationships with runners he competed against.  “I feel that I have made some lifelong friendships by running cross country and track. From both my teammates and people who I’ve competed against,” said Marinaro.


For a lot of athletes, sports doesn’t just teach them about how to play the game, but how to react in life.  Life lessons occur in sports all the time, and it prepares athletes for the future. “I faced my hard times but even more great times,” said Marinaro.  Marinaro is still indecisive on what college he will attend. “I would love to continue running at a college level.” Until he has decided where he will attend, Marinaro will continue to train at a high level.  


Eli Acosta was a captain for Nutley High School’s varsity football team and has been starting since he was a freshman. Besides football, Acosta also participates in basketball and baseball, both at the varsity level. “It was a great experience playing for Nutley High School these past four years. I gained not only lifelong friends, but I gained life long brothers,” said Acosta.


 Although the Nutley Raiders football team did not have the best season, they still were able to give it their all as a team.  “I will always remember all of the friendships I’ve made along with the memories I’ve experienced,” said Acosta. Acosta aspires to continue his career in college, but as of right now he is also indecisive on what school he wants to attend.  “The friends I have made at highschool will never leave me.” Acosta will be starting his winter basketball season in a couple of weeks and, “it is very bittersweet.”


With the Nutley High School fall season sports ending, the winter season is just beginning.  Nutley High School has sent many athletes in the past to play at a Division I, II, or III level.  Nutley Athletics has been working hard on preparing their student athletes for college. These seniors leave with bonds between coaches and athletes they will remember forever. Seniors are noticing how valuable this year is to them, and cherish every moment with the friends they have made and the coaches they have created bonds with.