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photo of selena gomez

SAG Awards 2022: The Best and the Worst of Fashion

On Sunday, February 27, 2022 the 28th Screen Actors Guild Awards (a.k.a. the SAG Awards) took place. The SAG Awards offer 13 awards for exceptional performances from the past year and is a way to honor actors for all of the hard work they put into their films and television shows. Stars walk down the silver carpet in their best attire for everyone to see. This year, some were fabulously dressed, while others’ outfits were extremely disappointing. The following are my top five best and worst dressed at the 2022 SAG Awards. 



5. Leslie Odom Jr. 

This Broadway actor’s polka dotted suit definitely drew lots of attention. I liked how his shirt was the reverse pattern of the suit jacket and pants and his shoes tied it all together. Not just anyone could pull off this outfit, and he did so flawlessly.   


4. Lady Gaga 

This dress was absolutely perfect for Lady Gaga. The sparkles over the top of her dress looked beautiful and I loved the length of the dress itself. One minor flaw was the chunky silver necklace. A smaller, more delicate necklace would better match the dress and her dainty figure, Nonetheless, it was an amazing look for Gaga. 


3. Selena Gomez 

Selena Gomez’s velvet ensemble was classy and elegant, just like her. The puffed sleeves added a nice touch to her black top and the three-strand necklaces complemented the simplicity of the dress. A slicked-back bun gave her look that extra touch of class. She looked absolutely stunning. 


2. Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield looked dapper in his striped sparkling suit, which was inspired by The Beatles Get Back Documentary. This outfit channeled  the 70s British style perfectly and looked great on the silver carpet. It suited him very well and was a great choice for him. 


1. Vanessa Hudgens 

Light green is definitely Vanessa’s color. This dress was perfect for her; a satin Versace dress with a tie in the middle and a slit going down her left leg. The gold accessories were paired perfectly with the dress’ sage green color and beautifully complimented her skin tone. This dress was unique and looked gorgeous on her. I loved it. 



5. Venus Williams 

Venus Williams’ gown was not one of her best looks. The professional tennis player stepped out in a patchwork dress with a straight long white skirt and silver, metallic bodysuit underneath with one attached long white sleeve. The effect was inelegant and clumsy. Her  bracelet and earrings were gold and the purse was silver, adding to the confusion.  The look might have been better had she stuck with silver.  This wasn’t the worst outfit from the SAG Awards, but it was not a good look for this amazing athlete. 


4. Sandra Oh 

Four time SAG Award winner, Sandra Oh’s silver metallic dress was definitely a miss. The dress had a long, puffy, wrinkled skirt and it looked as if she was wearing tinfoil. The jewelry was not bad, except for the purse. Her choice of a dark green clutch did not pair well with the silver color of the dress and quite honestly, I was disappointed.  


3. Amy Ryan 

Amy Ryan’s black and silver dress did not do her justice. The gown swallowed up her small figure completely and was covered in silver appliques that were distracting to the eye. Even worse, an orange stripe came down on opposite sides of her chest which made the dress hard to look at.  I also did not like the mesh underlay on the bodice. This was not a good choice for Amy.  


2. Jared Leto 

This blue satin suit was not the best look for Jared Leto. The jacket hung over his shoulders like a cape and the eggshell white color matched horribly with the blue satin. The worst part of this look was definitely the maroon velvet tie that was wrapped as a bow. Even Leto’s fabulous shiny boots couldn't save this outfit - they could barely be seen over the blue pants. The outfit seemed carelessly thrown together and did not make Leto stand out in a good way. 


1.Piper Perabo 

This outfit for sure takes the cake for worst SAG Award look this year. Piper Perabo’s sleeveless dress was just plain ugly. The base of the dress, a beautiful white  bodycon,  had promise, but was ruined by a large beige ruffle that awkwardly erupted out of one side of the skirt. The color, size, and placement of this unfortunate ruffle puts Perabo at the top of the worst-dressed list.