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Paving Her Own Path, with Flying Colors

At NHS, art students often fly under the radar. There are so many talented students in the art program that often do not receive recognition. One student who stands out is NHS National Art Honor Society Finance Secretary and lead Set Club painter, senior Anais St Amant.


Recently, Anais received her acceptance letter into the Scholarship Class for Talented High School Students at The Art Students League of New York. This class is an opportunity for juniors or seniors to study under an art mentor. She described the program as “a good opportunity for art students who may not have the money for the class to go for free because of their art ability.” To be eligible to receive this scholarship, she submitted five of her best art pieces to the school. The summer going into her junior year, she heard about the opportunity for the scholarship and she worked very hard on the pieces she planned on submitting for the scholarship.


When she was younger, Anais always had an interest in art. She loved making crafts, drawing doodles, made comics, paper crafts, and origami, things all children would do and as time went on, her skills enhanced. “As I get older and learn more about art, it’s bringing me closer to it and I really love making things and seeing how people react to it is really cool,” stated Anais. Her parents aren't extremely artistic, but do drawings and have always encouraged her to pursue art. When she told her parents the good news they were very excited. She stated, “My parents were more proud than surprised; it's me who couldn't believe the news. They had told me "I knew you would get accepted." To be honest, I applied to the scholarship hoping to get accepted, but had no idea that I really would.”


After high school, she is considering studying art in college, maybe not going to an art school specifically, but maybe a university with an art program. She wants to try to apply to art schools in the area, but might want to change her mind and study something else.