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A Parent's Concern

The events of COVID-19 have many people worried and anxious about health, wellness and safety. The people who seem the most worried are parents. They have to make sure that they are safe, their children are safe, and make sure that their often elderly parents are safe as well. This is a very difficult time for parents because each day different news comes out about the virus. With all this going on, some parents still have to go to work and that means they are at risk of getting the virus and bringing it home to their family. For this issue, I interviewed my mom and dad about how they feel regarding the virus.


When I interviewed my mom, I could tell as she was talking that she is very concerned about the virus. She works in a day care and is exposed to young children all day, which causes her to be even more worried by the fact that they might be sick, but not showing symptoms. When I asked about that she said, “ It’s very scary, not knowing what goes on at the homes of those children make me very worried. One of their parents could have the beginning signs of the virus and bring their kid to work and I could obtain the virus and bring it home to my family.” Although my mom has fears of going to work she still does because it is needed to help support our family.


I also interviewed my dad for this issue. He is not as worried as my mom when it comes to going to work and the virus in general. He is a mechanic so he works by himself most days which means he has less of a chance of being exposed to the virus. He said, “ It is a scary time, but that doesn’t mean we should all stop living. The virus won’t stop me from going to work and providing for my family.” My dads fears are not as obvious as my mother’s, but that is due to the fact that my mom is working around children and other people all day.


The virus has caused many people to be scared or worried, but that does not mean you should stop living your life, especially if you are a parent. If you can go to work and help provide for your family, you should. As long as you keep your distance the best you can at work and wear a mask you should be alright. 


Although many people are worried, the people we should be thanking the most are the essential workers, they are putting their lives on the line everyday to help people and try and contain the virus.