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A reflection on my for years as a Nutley High School student.

As One Chapter Closes, Another Opens

High school; four years of laughter, joy, sadness, and memories that will last a lifetime. Back in 2017 when I entered Nutley High School, I knew I’d be here for four years and at the time that seemed like forever, but in all honesty it went by in what seems like the blink of an eye. Now the class of 2021 is about a week away from graduation and a new chapter of our lives. 


As a young freshman, I would have never thought that high school would help shape me into the kind, extroverted, outgoing person I am today. I have been lucky enough to have such supportive and encouraging teachers and coaches throughout my four years here.


Something that I will always hold close to my heart is my spot on the NHS Varsity Cheer Team. Cheer has taught me an endless amount about dedication, accountability, commitments, and positivity. Some of my favorite memories were definitely made on the sidelines and the mat and I know I will remember all the lessons I have learned from this sport. 


Although my final year of high school took a turn due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I made the most of it. I was fortunate enough to be able to complete my cheerleading career with a semi-normal fall season and am now closing my senior year with a prom and proper graduation with my whole class. After high school, I plan on majoring in finance at The University of Tampa. 


As I embark on this next journey the lessons I have learned, friendships I’ve made, and the endless amount of memories that I’ve been fortunate enough to make will never be forgotten. I would like to thank all my teachers for the support and guidance they have given me. I’d also like to acknowledge my friends and family for all their support as well. My gratitude for these people is never ending as they have helped me endlessly throughout the past four years. 


Thank you NHS for all the memories. I may not be physically close next year, but the memories will certainly be close to my heart.