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The girls on the way to their game all masked up!

NHS Soccer Team Update

The NHS soccer team had many ups and downs during this year's fall season, one being the struggles with COVID-19. Mckenzie Albert, a junior on NHS varsity, scored 21 goals this soccer season to become the leading goal scorer on the NHS soccer team. The teams captain, Anna Contini, helped the girls through a very tough season. The head coach, Mike DiPiano, made sure all the girls played their best. This season has been difficult not only because of Covid, but also because of the season being shortened. Fellow players spoke out about this season.


Mckenzie Albert is a 16- year-old junior and has been on the varsity squad since she was a freshman, averaging 20 goals a season. This season, even with it shortened, she managed to score 21 goals and have many assists. She states, “this season was  a very good season playing wise, but event and situation wise it was very challenging. 


Mackenzie also discussed the issue, saying how this season has been full of difficult things and many surprises. As many injuries occurred in the season that made it even more difficult. Mckenzie explains, “ this season was probably one of my favorite seasons we all got so close and had fun with the time we had.” Mackenzie is a very respectful and hard worker and that really showed on the field this year.


Anna Contini is a senior defender on the varsity team. She was the captain this year. She led the team in the best possible way and made sure the girls were always on task and respectful to each other, which in the end made the season so much better. “I am grateful to have even played this season given the circumstances," Contini said. "It was a great experience getting to play through the pandemic. It’s kind of sad that my final year of high school soccer consisted of masks and temperature checks. It’s a season like no other and a weird way to end my soccer career.” 


All and all, this season has been very different than any other season the Nutley Girls soccer team had, it was a very fun and successful season. The girls made bonds and friendships that will last forever. The team isn't just about winning games and scoring goals it's about becoming a family and sticking together and always picking each other up. And this season they did just that. Congratulations to all the seniors this year and for making this season ever better. Covid 19 sure didn't stop the NGVS.