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The Nutley High Schools Key Club’s job is to be actively involved in fundraising and helping out the community. Tyler Chang, a senior at NHS and the club’s president works with teachers, officers, advisors, and members of the Key Club. This club will teach important skills such as leadership, courage, and compassion which are all important in the real world.


The Coronavirus pandemic had brought up some challenges for Key Club. Chang shares how the club was faced with having to accommodate the restrictions of the pandemic. It has been harder for activities to be organized. He stated, “it would be easier to collaborate in person, but I think for what we have been working with, we have exceeded our own expectations for Key Club this year.”

Even with restrictions, the club has been able to be involved in many activities. Tyler shares, “We have been able to do UNICEF fundraisers, food, animal, toy, and blood drives, write letters to the elderly, made cards for St. Jude's patients, and do reading buddies with little kids to keep them all company during what some consider a lonely time, made posters to combat social injustice and made videos to thank our staff for all hard work they have done during this unprecedented year.” 


Tyler Chang and all other active members of the Key Club were able to push past the challenges presented this year and have an extremely successful one. For the near future, and in hopes to move closer to normalcy the club will try to hold in-person meetings and activities. In addition, there are still activities being planned and put into action such as the Pull Tab collection for the Ronald McDonald Foundation and the park clean-up walk. 


Members of this club are able to learn leadership skills and lifelong lessons. Being a member of a club will increase ways of meeting new people who have the same interests and values as you. Additionally being involved as a member of the Key Club will provide invaluable lessons and skills to shape anyone into a better person. Chang says, “All in all, joining Key Club would be beneficial in many different ways that one might have not thought about.”


The Key Club has had an exceptional year of planning, fundraising, despite the circumstances and restrictions. Tyler Chang and all other members have succeeded at overcoming obstacles. Joining and being an active member of this club holds many benefits for life and builds character.