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Night of Nations

NHS Hosts Night of Nations

The Night of Nations took place on Thursday, February, 2020 at 5:30 in the NHS cafeteria. Tickets were sold in advance for $8. However, on the day of the event, they were sold for $10. At the event, there were different types of food, music to help recognize diversity in Nutley community, and schools. This event was created to help the community understand traditions and beliefs, and find new things they may enjoy.


The Student Council of the NHS organized the Night of Nations event to be able to recognize diversity in our school, and community. Mrs. Melissa Petrillo, a NHS teacher in charge of this event said, “This year, the students are hosting performances and a fashion show to share their cultures as well.”


This year, the Night of Nations event was different than last year. Mrs. Petrillo stated that, “Each group is asked to have a representation. This can include a cultural dance, an art project for guests to complete, or participating in the Night of Nations fashion show.” 


Allie Protter, one of the students that who took part in the event, and also one of the dancers too, sees the event as an opportunity for Nutley to reflect on how good they have become. Allie stated that, “I hope more people will join. I would like it to be mandatory.” She would love to consider having the event during school so more students could join, but realized that by doing that, it would be hard to have the parents and community members attend.  


In conclusion, the Night of Nations event was an opportunity for the school and community to come together and celebrate diversity and different cultures. Learning new things from around the world, understanding different traditions, religion, beliefs, and experiencing new things may be something all can enjoy.