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New Cupily Cafe becomes a NHS student favorite

Coffee lovers can now rejoice as a new cafe has opened up in the heart of town. Coming to Nutley less than 4 months ago, in November 2022, Cupily Cafe, located at 399 Franklin Ave in Nutley, NJ, is now a popular coffee choice for NHS students. Students love its close-by location, yummy drinks and snacks, pricing, and welcoming atmosphere.

On weekdays, the coffeehouse is open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., allowing students to enjoy it during lunch and after school. When you first enter, you are received with welcoming smiles and a hello. In the winter months, the warm, welcoming cafe vibes are much appreciated. Soft pop music is playing in the background. The cafe's interior decor is a mix of bohemian and modern yet cozy, with nice seating areas arranged in beautifully lit corners. You can find seats along the windows and walls, a couch with a coffee table, and more stools. The high ceilings allow for a more open layout, perfect for hanging out with friends, catching up with someone, or enjoying a good time alone with a book while sipping coffee. The walls are adorned with minimalistic plants and picture frames, and most importantly, the menu.

The menu contains an impressive array of coffee-based beverages, from your classic espresso to lattes with multiple flavors. If coffee isn't to your taste, there is a huge selection of teas, from loose-leaf to caffeine-free to iced, as well as different lemonade flavors and even strawberry chocolate milk, all for under $5.50. I paid $3.50 for a small, decently-sized hot chocolate that was just the right temperature. It had a chocolate aftertaste and a satisfactory amount of marshmallows. There were plenty of milk options to choose from that the employees helped me pick from. Other customers also enjoy the drinks offered. "I have ordered a French toast latte every time I go there, and I love it," says freshman Mikayla Tolentino, a frequent customer.

Another appealing feature of this cafe is the variety of snack options that students are enamored with.

"I would recommend this cafe because not only is the food good, but the face is very pretty and aesthetic," Samuel Guanzon, another NHS student, said. "It's literally one of my favorite cafes."

There are two menus: the hungry menu and the clear case. The hungry menu includes lots of breakfast and lunch options like croissants, avocado toast, parfaits, and make-your-own oatmeal for under $8. The foods in the clear case include pastries like cookies, banana cake, muffins, and homemade rice crispy treats priced under $5. I asked what snacks they would recommend for a light, sweet option. The two employees at the counter helped me choose. They recommend a croissant or one of the mooks, which I had already been eyeing. I got a matcha mook, which is a shortbread cookie shaped like mochi ice cream. It has a green exterior and a purple interior. While it tasted good, it lacked the matcha flavor and had a more green tea-like flavor. However, I did enjoy the texture, as it wasn't too chewy or gooey, but it was a little small for $5.

Other students enjoyed their food, though. "The first time I went, I got avocado toast, and I literally loved it. The second time I got a spam Sammy, I devoured it. It's literally one of the best restaurants in town and affordable," Samuel said.

Mikayla said, "I also got a red velvet cookie, which was also good, especially when warmed up." In addition, she recommends trying out the French toast latte if you like your coffee sweet and a mocha latte, which is a favorite among her friends.

Not only are the customers enjoying their visits, but the employees are too. Viha Kothakonda, a freshman at NHS and an employee, says, "It is a friendly environment, and all the other employees are incredibly caring and kind to one another. It is also very motivating; everyone feels like close friends, if not family."

I can attest to the friendly and fun environment. The employees were chatting with the local middle schoolers in the store, and this is definitely the place you could find yourself being a regular and having a nice relationship with the small staff. They are very attentive, and the moment I stepped in, I was greeted with welcoming smiles. The new cafe is the perfect place for anyone in the area who is interested and is sure to become a favorite spot for many more locals and tourists alike.