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Photo: Nina Patel

Key Club Heads to Six Flags Great Adventure

On October 7, 2018, members of Key Club, an international student-led organization where students develop character and leadership skills through community service and volunteering, went to Six Flags Great Adventure to kick off to the new school year. This event is held every year during Columbus Day weekend. Members from all around New Jersey attended the Six Flags trip, giving students an opportunity to meet other members involved in Key Club from the state. During the event, the "Key Clubbers" discussed the volunteer services they will take part in during school year. The students were also able to go on the rides and some of Six Flags’ biggest attractions, like Fright Fest.


It is estimated that over 3,000 members participate at the Six Flags event each year. The NHS Key Club brought 65 members to Six Flags to talk about their volunteer service mission.


The NHS Key Club advisors are Mrs. Tina D’Urso and Ms. Denise Mazza. They both went to Six Flags to discuss the future plans for the organization with other New Jersey based club advisors.


“The purpose of going to Six Flags was to participate in the Key Club annual fall rally to kick off the new school year,” said Mrs. D’Urso. “We all gathered in the arena to listen to speeches given by officers within this club. Admission included the informative session and a pass for the rides and Fright Fest.” The Fall Rally allows thousands of key clubbers the opportunity to gather with others from New Jersey. They hear about service opportunities and updates from the District Board on any upcoming events.


The NHS Key Club President, Nina Patel, was also part of the Six Flags trip. As the club President, she is in charge of getting members to join Key Club while also making the meetings and activities fun for everyone. “As President I help out with all the activities and come up with new ways to get members involved. This includes new activities or just ways to make meetings more enjoyable for the members,” says Patel. “At times it can be a lot of work, but overall I enjoy the experience because it’s something I’m passionate about.”


Mrs. D’Urso and Ms. Mazza have been working together for three years. They have also been working together with Key Club’s parent company, the Kiwanis, a bigger organization that helps kids around the world in more than 80 countries. They are involved in over 150,000 service projects each year. Both organizations provide students with hands on projects, allowing them to impact positively on communities and people in need.


“As a member of Key Club when I was in high school, I believe that this international, student-led organization provides its members with opportunities to provide service on local, national and international levels and builds character and helps develop leadership,” said Ms. Mazza.


This organization is beneficial for anyone interested in getting in community service hours and helping those in need. The Key Club is in charge of many activities, fundraisers, food drives, clothing drives, and anything involving service.