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posititive thinking

What I've Learned During Quarantine

After being stuck at home for the past four months and for the foreseeable future, I have learned a few things. In these times that we are all going through, I feel as though it is extremely difficult to look at the positives. I have had a hard time doing so, since senior year was ruined and the uncertainty of college life next year is looming. 


Part of what I learned is that I can let myself be negative. That it is okay to be stressed and angry at the current situation. I grew tired of seeing people being so positive still, but I learned that if I feel upset, I don’t need to fake positivity because it won’t make me feel any better. If you block out those feelings, it will only hit you harder when something else goes wrong. 


On a brighter note, I think I’ve learned to accept change easier. Although I did not expect my end to high school to be like this, I’m taking it as I go and trying to use this situation to come out thriving. I’m not exactly sure how yet, but I can feel myself growing and trying to make the best of a terrible situation.


This is a tough situation. Since I have allowed myself to be negative about everything, it is still difficult to see the big picture, but I have learned that that is okay. What I am feeling is valid and not in any way, wrong.