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Palinoia: Fiction from NHS' Creative Writing Students


by Noah Roselli

1: the repetition of an act until it becomes perfect



I am Life: the Giver of Breath, the Creator of Being.


At the dawn of the universe, I, too, was created. Born from nothing, Existing with Time and Death in an orb beyond the present, flat dimension. In the chaos that amounted in the Genesis of everything in Existence, I became entangled with Death the same way that the first electrons and atoms entangled with each other. Now I know: where Exists one, Exists, too, the other; and where there is Death, Life must be there, too. I am formless but tangible: I am what gave the first expanse of a lung, what created the first seed of a tree; I am what flapped the wing of the butterfly, what opened the eye of a fish—all while being the human, the lung, the tree, the leaf, the seed, the wing and even the butterfly. I am growth and change, I am the start, the Existence, but not the end: I am Life, the Giver of Breath, the Creator of Being. Omnipresent, omnipotent, omnia video quia natus sum omnibus: I see everything for I am everything.


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