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Mr. Materia's Favorite Memories of the Class of 2020

Mr. Joseph Materia is the Vice Principal of Academics at Nutley High School and has been in this position for the past four years. Materia has been in the education field for 18 years and has held various positions during his career. He has been a teacher of the Italian language, a professor of the Italian language, a supervisor of languages, ESL, and music, and a coordinator of languages. Thus, with his essential role in the NHS community, Mr. Materia, along with many other students and staff, was deeply disappointed to have the rest of the year cancelled. Nonetheless, on June 7, 2020,  Mr. Materia shared his favorite memories of the graduating class, feelings toward the cancellation of the remainder of the 2020 school year, and his hopes to celebrate the seniors. 


When asked about his first year as Vice Principal with the current Class of 2020, Mr. Materia said, “I was lucky to have a fun group of students! Mrs. Devore and Mr. Williams and I hope that the students in the Class of 2020 have learned valuable lessons that they can transfer to the next chapter of their lives.”


Hence, Mr. Materia and the current seniors have truly grown and enjoyed these last four years as a school community. From freshmen to senior year, both the staff and seniors, have created several life-long memories. “My favorite memory of the Class of 2020 was the look on their faces at Freshman Orientation in August 2016. I think back to how much they have grown as students and adults. It makes me proud to know that I was able to work with the other administrators and teachers to help support this,” said Materia.


Furthermore, with Mr. Materia’s role at Nutley High School, he stated that the Class of 2020 has impacted him during his time as Vice Principal. He said, “The Class of 2020, the first incoming class with whom I had spent four years, helped me become more flexible and understanding.” Therefore, Mr. Materia explained that the graduating class has positively influenced him over the last four years. 


Mr. Materia explained the 2020 graduates would have a virtual graduation and complete their final year of high school. He remarked, “I was disappointed (about the school year being cancelled). That being said, the school is working toward ensuring that celebrations of achievement are held virtually.”


To further celebrate the seniors for their achievements, he stated that, "in addition to the virtual graduation, the NHS staff assisted the Education Association of Nutley in delivering lawn signs and caps/gowns.” Though the global pandemic has affected all American seniors’ graduation, the NHS community has ensured to give the graduating class a proper goodbye. 


Lastly, Mr. Materia explained how he was truly proud of the Class of 2020 and how far they have come. When asked if he had any final words of wisdom for the class, Materia stated: “Find value in the things you do and work hard to maintain that value!”


With this new event in history, our seniors will become more versatile, optimistic and strong.