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Rainbow Flag

Five LGBT Reads For Summer

June is pride month and members of the LGBT community are gathering in masses to demonstrate for equality and rights for everyone to love and identify however they please. Industries all across America are joining the celebration by selling rainbow-colored merchandise to represent the gay pride flag. Pictures featuring people at pride festivities have been trending on social media, including Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. 

One way the community likes to express itself is through literature.  Books recounting the stories of those who faced discrimination are now heavily stock the shelves during the month of June. Many of them date even before Stonewall Inn protest of 1969. 


Maurice by E.m. Foster 
This vintage novel was originally written in 1913, but wasn’t published until 1971. The story takes place in England and shows the journey of two homosexual men, navigating their love for one another in the 20th century. There was an adaptation made in 1987 with a different ending, though both can be found online or at a local library. 


Autoboyography by Christina Lauren
This is a more contemporary book that touches upon gay and bisexual identity, in a setting that stigmatizes it. This young adult fiction was published in 2017 was written by Christina Lauren. It is written in the point of Tanner who moved to a predominantly Mormon school in Utah. He haphazardly signs up for a seminar course which requires him to write an entire book for a grade. From day one, he’s entranced by the cute student mentor with a perfect smile. The fine print is that he comes from a very traditional Mormon family that doesn’t support homosexuality. 


If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo
Amanda is a barely-adult who’s not only figuring out her identity as a transgirl, but also how her love life will tie in. Her move to a new start is a chance for a clean slate, but that is soon disrupted by a nice boy she meets and falls head over heels with. 


You Asked for Perfect by Laura Silverman
Ariel is openly bisexual and an aspiring Harvard student whose schedule does not allow room for a boyfriend or a girlfriend. With a GPA that secures him for the Valedictorian title, nothing seems to stand in his way, aside from him struggling in Calculus. Amir happens to be top of the class, and graciously offers to tutor him free of charge. Ariel gets more than he bargains for as their romance blossoms.


Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden
Annie is surely on Liza Winthrop’s mind as she falls head over heels for her at first sight in an art museum. Both grew up in New York and share a passion for the arts, and each other.