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This image shows people celebrating the holidays with their families in a way that can keep everyone safe.

How People Celebrated The Holidays

Every year, many celebrate the holidays with their families. Due to the COVID-19, things have been different and people have made changes to their plans this year. Some families are strict about Covid, and others have celebrated as they would every other year because there was a small group of people. NHS freshmen Audrey Helms, Mckenzee Annibal, and Angela and Jessica DeVito all celebrated the holidays differently and explained the restrictions of their family gatherings. 


Mckenzee says that she  “celebrates Christmas and New Years.”  Audrey, Angela, and Jessica do as well. They all celebrated with their families and they stayed with their normal gatherings on Christmas and New Years Eve. During their festivities, they celebrated with a big dinner and watching Christmas movies. Angela and Jessica have an important tradition on Christmas Eve called the Seven Fishes. “The Seven Fishes is an Italian tradition where we eat seven kinds of fish including Baked Fish, Grilled Fish, Fish Tartre, Seafood Pasta, Marinated Anchovies, Wild Sea Bass Soup, and Fish with roasted Fennel,” says Angela DeVito. “This is not my favorite Italian tradition because I don’t like fish,” says Jessica DeVito. 


According to the New York Times article" How to Design Your 2020 Holiday," “we should make sure we are celebrating the holidays safely.” This article gives us a glimpse of how to celebrate safely. They suggest cooking virtually with family members on a Zoom call and still saying a prayer before the meal. Families can also share stories virtually. They can all still have all  family traditions in a way that is safe from the Coronavirus. Gathering should be smaller, social distancing implemented, and it should be considered to get tested before seeing family members, and to also get tested after you see them, to ensure your safety and for everyone else. Getting the vaccine is also a good way to keep your family safe. 


Americans are trying their best to keep their families away harms way.  Take precautions and make sure that all social distance to keep safe during the holiday season.