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This is Andrea Brzoska the parent of Nicolette, Andrew, and Olivia

How Parents Feel About Sending Their Kids back to School

Parents all over the United States have been forced to help their children with remote learning for more than a year. Now, as schools begin to reopen, many parents are eager and excited to send their children back to in-person learning.  

Sal Fiordillino, from Nutley, has one daughter in 8th grade at John H. Walker Middle School, a son in 4th grade at Spring Garden School, and another son in 9th grade that attends private school. Andrea Brzoska is the mom of Nicolette Brzoska, who is a freshman at NHS, Andrew in 4th grade at Lincoln Elementary School , and Olivia in daycare. 


Sal, the parent of Evan, Ava, and Alec Fiordilino says he is, “happy that my kids are going back, especially my daughter Ava, because she always stays in her room.” Sal says it will expand her social health and will help get her more involved in things. He thinks that it will also benefit their physical health because of having physical education.


Andrea Brzoska says that she is, “thrilled that her kids returned to schools.” She states that they are getting healthy - mentally, socially, and physically. “Going back to school will help my kids understand their classes, and help them get better grades.”