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Tricia Urgo, Jane Do.

Get Active During Quarantine: Tricia Urgo helps spring athletes remain active

Covid-19 has become one of the largest and most impactful global pandemics in history. Citizens worldwide have been ordered to self quarantine and social distance since the beginning of March 2020.


Being quarantined comes along with restrictions for all types of people. An athlete must keep their physical appearance in shape as well as their positive mentality and their healthy eating habits. Tricia Urgo is a fitness instructor at Jane Do, a gym/physical fitness center, and a dance instructor at 5678 Dance in Totowa, NJ. Tricia shares her advice and personal tips with the Maroon & Grey on how spring athletes can keep training in the comfort of their own home.


An athlete's physical activity is what is most important while training and conditioning. Tricia states, “Athletes can stay active at home by doing at home workouts, taking long walks outside, or going for a run.” Since the start of quarantine, many Youtubers, such as Chloe Ting, have gone viral with their “at home” workouts. Some people may have the luxury of having an at home gym in their basement or basic workout equipment. If not, these at home workouts involve nothing but yourself and motivation. 


The Maroon & Gray asked Tricia what impact this quarantine will have on spring athletes in particular if they stop training and conditioning. “I feel that it is very important for athletes to keep up with their training/conditioning. You wouldn’t want all of your hard work during the year to go to waste by not getting some training in during this quarantine. Although athletes may not have access to the equipment or space they would normally have, it’s really important to do whatever you can at home or outside.” Athletes should remain dedicated to their exercise so they can pick up right where they left off before COVID-19 hit.


Besides the physical aspect of athletic training, keeping up with healthy eating habits is imperative as well. Healthy food choices and keeping hydrated is essential for a training athlete. Tricia states, “I do think what we are putting into our bodies is definitely important, especially during a time where we want to be as healthy as we can. Not necessarily “dieting” or depriving yourself, but making sure you’re giving your body the nutrients that it needs throughout the day.” 


Along with at home workouts, healthy recipes have been going viral as well. TikTok is the #1 social platform these days. Workouts, healthy snacks, meals, and more are posted and shared through TikTok daily. Rather than binging on late night snacks and eating when bored, take advantage of this time at home to try new things, healthy things.


Along with the physical and health aspects of training, keeping a positive mindset is the glue that will hold everything together. “To keep a positive mindset and good headspace, I like to find videos of other athletes to follow along with their work outs and see how they are keeping motivated during this time. Seeing others push through that are in the same position as you can really help to stay motivated.”


As Tricia stated, it is important to keep positive and always look on the brighter side. As unfortunate as these times may be, it could always be worse. Hoping for the best and remaining faithful will help push through this time. Along with remaining positive, it is important to keep a competitive nature, even without games or competitions. “I would say to take this time to be the best version of yourself. That way when things get back to normal and you can interact with others again, you’ll be confident to get out there and take your competition head on.”


COVID-19 definitely took over the globe as it was known. However, it is important to remember that we have been through the unpredictable and will get through this. While in quarantine, rather than being down and depressed, it is encouraged to keep active, continue healthy eating habits, and more. Thanks to Tricia Urgo, keeping motivated and in shape just got a whole lot easier!