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Cooper and Gaga at Venice Premiere

Everyone is Going "Off The Deep End" for A Star is Born

Lady Gaga’s has enjoyed fame for more than a decade, but her new movie, A Star is Born with Bradley Cooper, has gone off the charts. Lady Gaga has been a fashion icon and singing sensation since her career began. Acting is just the cherry on top of her career. This movie is not only an emotional rollercoaster, but Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga give outstanding performances.


Every remake of this film has its own unique touch, but Cooper’s directing of it brought many personal approaches and showed different sides of the story.


This heart-wrenching movie stars Bradley Cooper playing Jackson Maine, a grumpy, drunken singing star at the end of his career. Then, he discovers a young woman in a drag bar, Lady Gaga, playing Ally, who is trying to start her singing career.


It is not hard to see that Eric Roth, a US military veteran and the screenwriter of A Star is Born, and Cooper were inspired by the version of the film with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson’s film in 1976. Cooper shows a vulnerable side and the extreme emotional agony of his character. He creates an intriguing backstory for viewers.


Cooper worked with a voice coach to take his own voice down a few octaves to play Jackson Maine,  a gravel-toned country rock singer doing stadium tours and barely keeping it together. With huge amounts of alcohol and pills, he is still a big success, but personally and emotionally he’s struggling. Cooper’s character also suffers from encroaching deafness which brings him close to anxiety attacks and temper tantrums. Meanwhile, Ally's career is soaring. She is under new management and pulled in many directions professionally. Her career begins to ruin her social relationships, especially with Jackson. Jackson starts to watch the love of his life get bigger than he is. He tries, but struggles, to be supportive of her and watch her fame escalate.


This is Cooper’s first-ever directing project. His directing allowed the viewers to predict the ending, almost from the start. As his directorial debut, he showed the audience another side of his talent.


Cooper even co-wrote a few of the songs with the help of Lukas Nelson.  Sam Elliott, plays Jackson's brother, Bobby, and manager. In an interview with Collide he said, “It is clear to all of us that Bradley is a smart man; his talent shows that.”


Towards the end of the movie, all emotions come pouring out. Not only did it make me cry for the next three days just thinking about it, but it also made me grateful for the people who were still in my life. This film showed me that when you aren’t in control of your life, you need to make sure you can trust the people closest to you.