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Mr. Ryan and athlete Nick Duca

Coach’s Corner: Mr. Gerald Ryan

With the winter Track and Field season underway, Mr. Gerald Ryan, the team’s head coach, is looking forward to the  season. Along with being a Track and Field coach for the winter season, he is also the head coach for the spring season, the cross country team, and he is a US History teacher at NHS. Mr. Ryan has had a love for the sports, cross country and track and field,  for a very long time, “I loved doing it, loved the sport,” he said.


Mr. Ryan received his education at Trenton State College, and graduated in 1994. He was then hired as an assistant coach at the college. However, the pay wasn’t enough at the time, so he decided to make a move into Corporate America. During this time, nothing stopped him from feeling like something was missing from his job.  “It was me sitting in my cubicle at Princeton Management Resources where I realized that I missed the sport (track) and coaching,” said Mr. Ryan.  

While he was at Princeton Management Resources, Mr. Ryan got an idea to return to college again, but this time for his teaching certification. During his schooling, which he attended at night, he decided to coach and become a substitute teacher during the day.


Mr. Ryan started his career at NHS as a substitute from 1996 to1998. He began full-time in 1998, as a history teacher in room A239. He is still there now.  


As a coach, Mr. Ryan believes that all athletes are amazing at what they do and his athletes feel the same towards him. “He (Mr. Ryan) is encouraging and such an easy person to talk to," said Anna Contini, a NHS freshman sprinter and hurdler on the team. "He is funny and friendly with all of his students and athletes.”


Mr. Joe Piro, the Director of Athletics for the Nutley Public Schools, says, “This year’s numbers (teams results) are the highest ever. Mr. Ryan is a great coach because he interacts and encourages all of his athletes.”


 As the track and field winter season progresses, Mr. Ryan and his athletes anxiously wait for what the season has in store for them. “Interacting with athletes of all skill levels, watching some qualify for Nationals, and watching others improve by an inch or two is a true reward," Mr. Ryan said.  "Seeing a student-athlete overcome adversity or find a new passion in life is what makes me still love doing this over two decades later.”