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nutley lacrosse

Coach Salvatelli Gets Ready for the Spring Season

Taking on a huge role isn't easy, but for Coach Mike Salvatelli, Nutley's newest head lacrosse coach it is a job he is ready and equipped for. The season started on Monday, March 7th and players and coaches are excited. This team will be the first to play under the new lights that will illuminate the Nutley Oval on April 6th. People are speculating this will be the largest lacrosse crowd Nutley has seen. 


Coach Salvatelli is a person who teaches and plays the game with passion. “I love coaching lacrosse at Nutley High School," he says. "There is a tradition of tough players who are willing to work hard and learn the game.” This type of drive and ambition are admirable for his students and players as he also teaches at Glen Ridge.


Nutley lacrosse is something that strongly resonates with him and what he was apart when he was a player himself. A few years back, he was asked to join the staff and coach while he was working within the school district. When Coach Noonan stepped down as head coach, Savatelli took over and began to run the show. Coach Salvatelli was well ready for the task and had everything he needed. He knew what it took to win, as he was a part of a state championship team himself. He understands the advisory playing lacrosse comes with and is able to well navigate through the highs and lows of the sport. 


Although he might not work in the district anymore, he has a great team of assistant coaches who are here to keep the program running when he's not around. Lacrosse is a one-of-a-kind sport. It begins in the dead of winter and concludes on a bright May day. Furthermore, there are several small elements inside the game that distinguish good teams from elite teams. Coach Salvatelli preaches to his players the smaller components of the game which can only be executed through practice and intense preparation. Coach states that “For players and fans, they call it the "fastest moving sport on two feet" so it is fun to play and to watch.” Coaching the fastest moving sport of two feet isnt a task anyone can tackle. 


This year is especially distinguable from the rest as the team sees many new faces and great returning players are ready for this to be one of the best teams nutley lacrosse has seen. Coach Salvatelli describes this year as reshing and different from the rest and there are a lot of new players. He includes how he will break down fundamentals and how he will go back to basics. Fundamentals are key to playing the game at a faster pace and executing complex offensive and defensive schemes. The season is only two weeks in and players and coaches are anticipating a great team and year.