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Jennifer Lopez at the Met Gala

2021 Met Gala: Top 10

The Met Gala was held on September 13, 2021.Typically, one of the largest fashion events of the year,  it was held off for 16 months due to Covid-19. Hosted by Vogue, this year's theme was “In America: A lexicon fashion” Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of the theme, but some people did look amazing with the theme in mind, others looked great but completely ignored the theme. 

Following, is my personal top 10 list.

1. Billie Eilish 

My favorite look this year was Billie Eilish. She represented Marilyn Monroe so well. She had her hair up in a blonde bob, with a huge, beautiful pink dress. I loved this dress because it was a ball gown, it was so long and pretty. Billie’s usual style is so different from what she wore that night; which makes it all even better because you would never have expected her to wear that. 


2. Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X’s outfit was definitely a favorite of mine because it was so creative. He came in wearing a huge gold cape. The cape was very elegant, dragging behind him. He then removed the gold cape to reveal a golden armor outfit. I thought him having a cool outfit under the cape was creative because no one was expecting it. However, he wasn’t done there. He then revealed another outfit underneath the armor. His final outfit was perfect. It was a sparkly bodysuit with chunky shoes to top it off. 


3. Iman

I personally feel the Met Gala is about being completely extra; so I felt Iman’s outfit was so unique and perfect for the Met Gala. Her entire outfit was eye-catching, nothing close to what anyone else was wearing. 


4. Ciara

I really loved Ciara's outfit because she really tried to wear something based on the theme. The theme being “American” She wore a dress that was supposed to represent football which is America’s big sport. While representing football, she still looked amazing. 


5. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s Ralph Lauren dress was stylish and chic. Her cowgirl hat topped off the outfit really well. She had a really pretty necklace that went very well with her dress. The necklace was big and eye-catching. She didn’t just look amazing, she also represented the theme well.


6. Yara Shahidi

I felt her dress was beautiful and suited her so well. The matching gloves and jewelry pieces complete the outfit. She has a diamond necklace, earrings, and head accessory. The long cape that came off the dress made it a little different from just a regular dress. 


7. Lili Reinhart

I really liked Lili’s dress because I felt it really suited her well. The flowers along with the whole dress, the length, and the color, all made the dress so beautiful.  It was short in the front but turned into a long dress in the back, I thought that made the dress more unique. 


8. Lupita Nyong'o

I really liked Lupita’s look because it fit the theme really well. She wore a denim-looking dress, which definitely fits the American theme. Her dress had so much texture and movement. 


9. Kendall Jenner

Kendall’s whole outfit was very eye-catching. Her dress was sparkly and long. Her jewelry was perfectly chosen to top the outfit off. I however wasn’t a fan of her hair. She still looked amazing, but I feel like she could’ve gotten more creative with her hairstyle. 


10. Emily Blunt

Emily’s dress was really pretty. The design of the dress was unique and could make everyone’s heads turn. She topped the outfit off with a headpiece coming off the top of her head. The headpiece had stars, pearls, and diamonds creating a beautiful headpiece.