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A Tribute To NHS

A Tribute To NHS

Four years within Nutley High School is the equivalent to 1,386 school days in total. As I get ready to graduate and continue my education at Montclair State University as an English major, I reflect back on my years at NHS. Although times were tough and many tears were shed, NHS has helped me grow in unimaginable ways.


Reflecting back on my high school experience there are so many different topics I can discuss. Whether it’s losing and gaining friendships, gaining knowledge that will stick with me throughout my life, or navigating through a pandemic, my high school experience has been a wild one, to say the least. Although one main thing that stuck with me happened in the middle of my senior year.  


At the start of my high school experience, I did not think much about what I wanted to pursue after high school. Like any other 15-year-old freshman I was concerned with things that have no relation to school.  All I knew was that I wanted to become a  dog groomer and work with animals in the future. 


From my freshmen through the beginning of my senior year, my plans for the future stayed consistent.  As my senior year continued I watched my peers and friends go through the college process. I watched as they would stress over hearing nothing back from a school, and observed the panic take over their face as their email loaded to see if they made it in. This seemed like a grueling process, a process I did not think I would ever have to go through. 


I vividly remember a night in January 2022 when everything began to change. I began to have the urge to change my plans, and potentially go in a totally different direction. Although this was something frightening because it was so late in the process.  I wrapped my brain around the risk, and after discussing, it with my parents I took the leap. I knew what I wanted to pursue. 


I began working on everything for three consecutive nights. I had only chosen two colleges to apply to, Caldwell College and Montclair State University, both excellent schools where I felt I would excel. After submitting my application I was another step further toward becoming an English Major. 


Since I was younger, until now my love for English has sprouted tremendously. Writing for me was a way of expression, a way to expand my thoughts. Reading helped me grasp different understandings of things I never knew before. Edgar Allan Poe’s deep words captivated me, and Stephen King’s horror kept me in suspense. The way these authors were able to write astonished me. It amazed me that words on paper could entice a person into reading more. These works lit a flame in my heart and helped my passion for the English field to arise. 


Midway through the month of January, I found out I got accepted into both schools. Although it was a tough choice, I committed to MSU. Along with English, I will also be dog grooming in my free time. 


A takeaway I had from this process is that it is ok to change your plans. If your heart's in it you should take the leap and go for it. I wouldn't change anything about this process or my future plans. 


As I wrap up this last article for Journalism I would like to add in a special thank you to Mrs. Toledano my English teacher and Ms. Greco my Journalism teacher. Throughout this year they have helped me tremendously with writing whether it was understanding new writing styles or critiquing my work to help better it, they have both helped push me into the English field and I greatly appreciate it! 


As I get prepared for graduation and start school in the fall I remember every memory I made at NHS. Although there were difficult times, the good outweighed the bad. I thank both NHS and the teachers here for helping my love for English grow, for guiding me with a path for my future, and for giving me memories  I can treasure for life. When my name is called and I get my diploma I can officially say I made it through high school. So thank you NHS.