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Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends

Every year, fashion trends are discarded, recycled, and invented on the runway. Each passing season makes room for different variations and interpretations of an established style. Fall is widely recognized as the season of earthy colors, scarves, flannels, sweatshirts and beanies. Just like each fashion season before, 2018 has added a new take on what is popular for this year, and revived some popular styles from previous decades. This list discusses the trends that have either become iconic this year, or had been carried over from 2017 .  


5. Kanken Backpacks

Although typically not big in size, Kanken are ubiquitous in the hallways of NHS, and among adolescents in general. Their distinctive square-like shape allows for easy transportation of textbooks and laptops. Though they typically have a basic layout and no intricate designs, they are arguably the hottest and trendiest bookbags for this year's back to school season. They come in a variety of colors though navy blue, pink, yellow, and olive green have been known to sell out quickest in stores. Having a Kanken is possibly the best way to be prepared as well as in style for school.


4. Tunic-Length Sweaters

Have you ever wanted to feel as if you’re constantly encased in the warmth of a thick blanket while looking cute? Recently, these dress-length tops have successfully accomplished that task. When paired with a beanie and scarf, it creates a very hipster-vibe that will keep you cozy during the often brutally cold weather of the Northeast. Tunic-length  sweaters have made their way to popular clothing franchises such a Express, Forever 21, and Garage.


3.  Flannel Print

Although flannels are practically a staple of fall attire, they are ranked lower on the list due to the fact that they have been prominently worn for decades. They are also flexible with how they can be used, making them easy to match with any look. Some people tie them around their neck, waist, or even rock them as pajamas, but many wear them as a top. Though they are a very prominent fashion statement today, they also leave many with a sense of nostalgia for the 90s grunge era. A junior at Nutley High School, Gabby Mackiewicz, is typically seen wearing a practical and quirky look. When autumn rolls around, she seizes the opportunity to fully rock the flannel style. “I really like, big-oversized sweaters and plaid button ups over t-shirts. Those are kind of my go-to look,” Gabby states.


2.  Long Overalls  

Overalls began trending last summer, though were typically made into shorts and skirts. They are also a recycled trend from the 70s, and are a casual and cute piece that goes with most any t-shirt or long sleeve. To fit the fall season, they were made to be ankle-length and have retained their everyday practical use of being a flexible clothing option. Depending on what accessories are worn with them, they can be pulled off as both a bold and youthful statement. Many wear them with dangly necklaces, chokers, combat boots, and matching denim jackets.


1.  Cropped Sweater/Sweatshirt

One could argue that fall might never be fully ridden of sweatshirts and/or sweaters, and due to the fact that they have been major addition to fall fashion since the 1930s, it is reasonable to assume that. This year, cropped sweaters, that typically hang just over the belly-button have spread throughout the world, coming in many different colors, patterns, and clever captions or phrases. Some are frayed at the bottom, some are floral printed, and others contain square printed aesthetic photography on the front. There have been many do-it-yourself videos showing how to take a longer sweatshirt and crop it with scissors in order to save the shopping expenses, though purchasing one already cropped might be a better option for those who aren’t neat cutters.  Due to the fact that they expose a tiny bit of skin, it would probably be wise to save them for the less chilly days of fall and winter.