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There’s Something for Everyone at the NHS Club Fair

Clubs are an essential part of school life for many students at Nutley High School. With approximately 40 groups, there is something for everyone to enjoy. After school on Tuesday, September 25, students were given an opportunity to discover and sign up for clubs at the annual Club Fair in the cafeteria, with representatives from almost every club present. Mr. Joseph Materia, one of the vice principals at NHS and organizer of the event, says, “Of all the club fairs that I’ve been at over the past several years, I feel like this was one that was represented by most of the clubs. It was exciting.” The cafeteria was packed with students, as they visited the many clubs located at tables lined up around the room.


Clubs at NHS give students a wide range of opportunities. They might focus on community service, like Key Club and Interact Club, or academics, like the Honor Societies and Math Club. There are also plenty of groups that are just for fun, such as Archery Club and the new Dungeons and Dragons Club, as well as several social activism groups, like the Women’s Activism and United Clubs.


For officers of clubs, the fair gives an easy way to reach people and gain new members. Junior Amandine Soho, captain of Mock Trial, a group that carries out a fictitious court case, says, “We usually get a lot of people, because a lot of people like to argue.” It provides a unique experience for those interested in law and court proceedings, or those looking for an opportunity to let off some steam in a debate.


Sophy Vuong, a junior who is co-president of Environmental Science Club and vice president of Interact Club, finds, “It’s really interesting to let other people see what we do, and have more people join.” The Environmental Science Club does volunteering around the school to pick up recyclables from each classroom, and hosts discussions on different topics relating to environmentalism. Regarding Interact Club, Vuong says, “We focus on food drives, and more of the community of Nutley,” helping people in need.   


Clubs like these and others provide unique experiences to students at NHS. Whether you are looking for an outlet for creativity, discussions about activism, a way to give back, or just a place to have a good time, there is something for everyone to enjoy. “I think clubs benefit the school,” Mr. Materia says. “They give students the opportunity to realize that to a school community, there is more than just academics. We want students to want to stay in this building as much as possible and enjoy their four years here.”