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Thanksgiving Celebrations During An Unpredictable Time

This year has made a big impact on the world and its people. Due to COVID-19, each holiday has been impacted up to this point. As the economy “opens up,” it was still relevant that Americans take extra precautions while feasting. Marianne Killen and Angela Iannitelli, previous  hosts of Thanksgiving, explain what safety measures they put in place to keep guests and themselves healthy and safe.  


The virus was not stopping Marianne from her yearly traditions. However, she explains that she made several precautions to make sure guests of all ages were in a safe environment. Mrs. Killen states, “I will separate the kids from the adults. Kids will eat in the den and adults in the dining room.” This method kept the older people in a more comfortable setting and allowed distance from groups of people. 


Angela Iannitelli, a resident Nutley, was thinking the same. “We will be celebrating inside, but spread out between the kitchen and dining room so we can have five people per room.” Iannitelli also states, “The older guests requested that everyone wears a mask since we are inside.” These precautions were essential to keep everyone protected.


Attributable to the virus, people had to cut down the number of guests that participated in the celebration. Iannitelli insists, “We are limiting our guest list this year. Whereas we combined both sets of families, we will only be celebrating with one side of the family this year.” 


Not just Angela, but many families were working the exact same system. Killen, a resident of Long Island, New York, even requested everyone to get a COVID test beforehand to make sure it was extra safe.


Both women emphasize that they avoided kisses/hugs when greeting each other, were constantly hand sanitizing, and kept the windows open to have current airflow.


With the few adjustments that had to be made this year to celebrate, people were still able to get together, but in a safe way. While we continue to live through this irregular time, it is important to keep in mind that the virus is still relevant and precautions are still valuable.