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Turkey vs Syria: What Happened?

Turkey and Syria’s history is longer than the recent turbulence in which Turkey invaded Syria. The main reason for the Turkey's invasion was the country trying to force ISIS out of the land along with another group that the United States considers to be a terrorist group. 



New York City’s “Illegal Alien” Law and What’s It All About

On September 25, 2019 New York City announced its new law concerning the New York City Human Rights Law. The law was created for the protection of immigrants located in New York. The law bans the use of certain words as well as certain scenarios that much of the immigrant population faces on a daily basis.



What the Trumps Did in England

Recently, the President of the United States,Donald J. Trump, went to New England on a political visit to discuss the country’s relationship with the United Kingdom and their military ties. The President spent three days in England: June 3rd, 4th, and 5th. This was the President's second visit to the UK since his term began, although the first also included a golf trip.

Following are the details of his June 2019 visit.


Day 1: Monday, June 3, 2019



The Government Shutdown of 2019: How'd We Get Here?

The government shutdown of 2019 has now become the longest in the United States, at 32 days at the time of this publication. President Trump called for a government shutdown after the Democrats refused to pay the over $5 billion needed to build a border wall. A government shutdown is not an actual shutdown, government workers, essential and non, still show up to work, but are not paid. Every non-essential government worker has been forced to work without pay including the TSA workers at airports, forest services, homeland security, and food stamp workers.