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Summer Plans During COVID

NHS senior, Raj Paghdal, isn’t going to let the coronavirus ruin his summer plans. Instead, he will follow safety guidelines such as washing his hands, wearing a mask and making sure to keep a distance between others. “My family has decided that for safety reasons, there won't be vacation for us this year. Most of the summer will be spent in New Jersey,” says Paghdal. 


Raj and his family want to be cautious and continue to social distance themselves from others. “Hopefully, I will go spend a weekend in the city, visit family in other states, and head down the shore as well,” he says.


Raj won’t have the luxurious vacation he was hoping, for but will make the most of it by seeing family members he hasn’t seen in a long time. During his summer vacation Raj will spend most his days hanging out with friends before heading off to college, while being socially distant and mindful of his health and the health of others. 


Driving around, making unforgettable memories and getting to make the most out of little time he has with his friends is something he plans on doing. “Saying goodbye to my friends, family, and community before heading over to Boston, (for college)” are top on Paghdal's summer list. He wants be able to have one last hoorah with his friends and spend his last moments with loved ones before heading off to Northeastern University. 


“Before all of this, it was planned to be the best summer ever,” says Raj. Even though COVID-19 has altered these plans, Raj still hopes to make the most of this summer. “Spending time with my childhood friends before we all go off in our own paths,” is what Raj looks forward to most.