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Summer Jobs During A Pandemic

With summer coming up, many teens start looking and applying for jobs. However, with COVID-19 restrictions in place, the process of getting a job could be difficult for teens this year. After speaking with Allison Huelbig and Laina Giella, both of whom attend Nutley High School, there are challenges of getting a summer job in these circumstances.


This virus has affected almost everything and everyone, globally this past year. Things like work, school, and other normal occurrences have been adjusted. Regularly seen precautions that are taken in job environments are masks, social distancing, and a decreased amount of people allowed in the facility. With these restrictions, it has been harder for businesses to make a profit to stay open and pay employees. With these financial difficulties, businesses are hiring fewer people which affects the lives of teenagers and other adults looking for a job to make money. 


Allison, a sixteen-year-old junior at NHS, has been looking and applying to jobs for a while. With COVID precautions, it has been hard for her to find a job she will enjoy. She says, “I wanted to work with ice cream or be a hostess but no one has hired me.” She goes on to explain that it has been difficult to find a job that she likes and wants to do because of COVID.


Allison mentions, “When being a hostess, restaurants have to actually be open for indoor dining. Because of this, not many places need a host or more hosts.” With restrictions regarding indoor dining loosening up, it is hoped that more people will be needed at restaurants in which more will be hired. 


Laina, who is a 15-year-old freshman at Nutley High School, started looking for a job for the first time this year. She is interested in working with kids however, this is difficult to succeed in during a global pandemic. She says, “Working with kids would be a great job that I would love to do.” She goes on to explain that it has been a lot harder to find a job because of covid restrictions. Like Allison, Laina states, “The jobs that I have applied to either haven’t been hiring or don’t need anyone new to work because of Covid.” 


Both high school students demonstrate very clearly the challenges of looking for a summer job with covid. It is hoped that with restrictions starting to get less strict, being hired will become more normal again.