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Students, Staff Compete in Wiffle Ball Tournament

After seven total games of wiffle ball, the high school finally crowned a champion of this year's wiffle ball tournament held on Friday, April 28. Each game was played under a running clock of 35 minutes with physical education/health teacher Kevin Reilly as this tournament's umpire. Only 10 players were allowed on the field at a time including the pitcher, so teams were constantly rotating their field players each inning. Physical education/health teacher Eric Puzio said, “Each game was intense but it was great to see everyone out there participating. All the teams worked really well together making sure everyone was included.” 


The tournament started off in the gymnasium with the morning physical education classes (Classes 1, 2, 3, and 4) playing each other. The first game was between Class 1 and Class 2, where Class 1 sealed the win 9-4 and secured a spot in the next round of the tournament. Following this, Classes 2 and 3 played each other, and Class 3 beat Class 2, 10-3. After both games had finished, Classes 1 and 3 competed against each other to see who would advance to the afternoon games. After 35 vigorous minutes of wiffle ball, Class 3 won 8-3 and went on to play the winner of the afternoon games. By the end of the morning games, Vice Principal Craig Jandoli said, “There were a lot of high scoring, really exciting games this morning. All the teams played really well and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens this afternoon.” 


The afternoon games were played on the Oval, starting off with Classes 5 and 8 against each other, ending with Class 8 winning 5-1 and moving on to the next round. After this was the game between Classes 6 and 7. Class 7 won 2-1. Class 8 and Class 7 played each other after this game, where Class 7 won 1-0 and went on to play Class 3 in the semi final. The score of the semi final was 4-2 with Class 3 winning and, in turn, playing the teachers in the championship game. Physical education/health teacher Matthew Francello said, “The afternoon games were a lot closer than the morning ones, so the team to advance could have been anyone. I’m really excited to see what happens in the championship game against the faculty members.” 


In the final game, Class 3 scored two early runs, putting them ahead of the teachers, counselors, and administrators in the championship game; however, the team made up of staff members was quick to retaliate and tie the game. In the top of the sixth inning, Class 3 scored a winning run, putting them ahead of the staff members, 3-2. The rest of the inning finished with no runs scored from either team, and Class 3 ended up winning it all. Umpire Reilly said, “I thought it was a great day for the students and staff! I hope we can make it an annual tradition here at NHS!”