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Spider-Man No Way Home Premiere

“Spider-Man No Way Home” Hits Theaters 

Spider-Man- No Way Home made it’s opening debut December 17, 2021, hitting all theaters across the country. Seats began filling up as  eager guests awaited for the movie to start. Movie theaters and news channels reported that this was the most packed the theaters have been since Covid first arose back in 2019. With a roaring 1.1 million guests to view it opening night. 


Spoilers for Marvel’s Spider-Man No Way Home follow.


Many ponder the idea of why this movie was so popular, and loved by so many. That is because the Marvel franchise has captured individuals' hearts since day one. Whether it was their beloved characters, surprising twists and turns, or their creative story lines, Marvel has gained a large following throughout the years ranging in all ages. When fans heard rumors of another Spider-Man movie, the excitement flourished.


Leaving many wondering the plot, rumored cast, and the ending. Although the director Jon Watts enjoyed seeing fans' enthusiasm for the movie, he did not want any spoilers to be released beforehand. Even though spoilers were limited, the cast was suspected by fans from the beginning, and later on revealed. 


The cast consisted of Tom Holland playing Peter Parker also known as Spider-Man, Zendaya playing MJ, Marisa Tomei playing Aunt May, Benedict Cumberbatch playing Doctor Strange, Jacob Batalon playing  Ned Leeds, and many more. Along with special appearances by past villains from other Spider-Man movies. 


Actors Jamie Foxx, Alfred Molina, and William Defoe reprised their roles as Electro, Doctor Otto Octavious, and Norman Osborn also referred to as the Green Goblin.  Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman made an appearance, though he was never on set for the movie, but the team had his voice and visuals from Thomas’ appearance in “Spider-Man 3 back in 2007.


Following the cast announcement the trailer then released November 16, 2021. With the trailer being filled with plot twists, new suits, special characters, and more, the fans were anticipating the movie to be spectacular. 


Some of the spoilers and leaks that fans discovered were appearances of Andrew Garfield who played Spider-Man in the 2012 and 2014 films The Amazing Spider-Man one and two.  Word got around that actor Charlie Cox, more known for his infamous role as Matt Murdock in Marvel Studios Netflix show Daredevil, was going to be the lawyer for Peter Parker in the film. 


This was further speculated when the President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige said that Cox would be Daredevil in future Marvel Cinematic Movies.  Rumor also spiraled that Tobey Migure who originated the live action version of Spider-Man for Director Sam Rami’s trilogy Spider-Man one, two, and three. 


Fourteen years after the third movie, fans were anticipating seeing three Spider-Men.  Another Rumor was that Rhys Ifans who played Doctor Curtis Connors who played The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man movies, would take part in this film.  Though deemed true the marvel team used visuals and the voice used from the movie The Amazing Spider-Man back in 2012 because he wasn’t on set for the movie. 


Following the movie’s first week, petitions and posts were made about The Amazing Spider-Man Andrew Garfield.  The movement started after watching his performances in the movie Tik..Tik..Boom as well as his performance in Spider-Man No Way Home.


Spider-Man No Way Home took a toll on the heart strings for many. Leaving individuals crying midway, and end of the movie. The beginning of the movie took place in New York City leading off from the previous movie Spider-Man: Far From Home  with Spider-Man’s true identity being revealed as Peter Parker. 


The audience gets to watch as Spider-Man tries to rebuild a name for himself while also trying to get his way into the same college that his best friend Ned and girlfriend MJ are applying to.


When the college denies all three of them for both Ned and MJ knowing Spider-Man and Peter being Spider-Man. He must come up with a way to change this all around. He looks to a mentor of his who has been pictured in other Marvel movies Doctor Stephen Strange.


Strange gives him a spell that makes everyone forget who Peter Parker is, but Spider-Man was adding so much to the spell that it screwed everything up worse, letting other past Marvel villains into this universe. Spider-Man then has to capture these villains and try and help them get back to their universe, with the help of his girlfriend and bestfriend.


The movie takes many twists and turns, with even the other two past Spider-Men arriving and leaving fans cheering in the theaters. The movie ends in a melancholy way, with many fans taking the ending as a bittersweet moment. 


A film like this needed a lot of hardwork and there were many steps involved in making the movie. The actors and actresses had to be on their A game everyday. The budget for this movie was two hundred million dollars. Although it was a lot of work and effort, the movie was a hit, topping charts everywhere.


Rotten Tomatoes gave 93% on their polling system, and it is eighth on the global chart. Not only the cast, fans, and directors were overjoyed that this movie had such an impact and did phenomenal, movie theaters everywhere were thrilled due to the serge of money they were making due to this movie appearing in theaters. 


I felt that Spider-Man No Way Home was a fantastic movie, with lots of plot twists. I thought the directors really knew how to get the fans' attention, and pull them in. I also appreciated being able to see a sneak peak of the next movie making its way into the Marvel franchise, after the two post credit scenes.


Although the ending surprised me, and made me bitter, I thought the whole movie was a hit. The director made amazing cast choices, and hit it out of the ball park with the characters he chose to bring back. It was also enjoyable to watch the connection each character had with one another during the movie.


The references to past movies and new charters had me further invested into it. Seeing three Spider-Men in one movie was also a highlight. This movie is now my favorite film in the franchise, and I look forward to seeing what else Marvel has to offer in the future, but this one will be tough to beat.