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Saying Goodbye to One of NHS' Favorite Teachers

Mr. Andrew Linfante has been a part of Nutley High School’s staff and history department for almost 30 years. He has taught several courses over his time at the school, but he is most well known for teaching Economics and US History II. Mr. Linfante is leaving his impact on Nutley High School students and staff. He will be remembered by students and colleagues for his intelligence and humor. His final year at NHS has been cut short due to the Coronavirus outbreak and he is unable to get his proper farewell, when he retires at the end of June. 


Mr. Linfante has always been known for his welcoming classroom. Joseph Dwyer, the Coordinator of the Social Studies Department , has been amazed by Linfante’s ability to reach his students on difficult subjects. Dwyer explains that Linfante approaches history, “in a way that encourages students to read, think, and make connections.”


Dwyer is most impressed with his translations of economics. “His ability to take complex economic concepts and break them down in an understandable way has not only benefited generations of students, but his colleagues as well,” Dwyer expresses. Economics is an incredibly difficult subject to teach and reaching students is even harder. 


Mr. Linfante has been a friend and mentor to his fellow staff members as well as his students. His retirement will be hard on everybody especially now because no one will get their proper goodbye due to the closing of schools for the remainder of the year. Dwyer said, “many of us hope that we will find a way to properly honor Mr. Linfante and his years of service to the district when it is safe and appropriate to do so.” Mr. Linfante is not one for goodbyes, so it is assumed that it is hitting students and staff harder than him. 


Everyone describes Linfante by how smart he is. Dwyer explained, “I’ve learned something from him almost every time we have sat down to talk.” He is an easy person to talk to on a range of subjects. Dwyer continued, “I have been lucky to know and work with him and the building will never be the same without him.” Nutley High School will miss him in the fall, but wish Mr. Linfante all the best.