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Nutley High School Opens Brand New School Store


Nutley High School gave birth to their newest addition to school spirit.  The brand new school store, run by 20 students, held its grand opening in Nutley High School on January 15, 2018.  The school now offers an abundance of school merchandise to ensure students school pride. The store also sells school supplies like pens and pencils, and health and beauty supplies such as hand sanitizer. There are also supplies for staff such as postage stamps and envelopes.  The store also serves the clubs by selling their merchandise and advertising for their fundraisers.


However, the student store is much more than retailing. It is also used as a learning tool for the students who take shifts working at the store.  Working there is considered an accredited academic class coordinated by Mrs. Byrne and Mrs. Della Fave. Mrs. Della Fave states, “The purpose of the store is to provide an opportunity for students to gain valuable skills needed for success in the workplace as well as offer the NHS community products and services at a low price, with a super-convenient location in the main office hallway.”  


The students who work in the store school are learning how stock inventory, handle money, and customer service basics; vital skills that might help them out in future working environments. After two years of being in the planning phase, “The store is growing everyday and we have different promotions," said Mrs. Della Fave. "In addition to selling the regular stock, we are pre-selling tickets for the Sadie Hawkins dance at a reduced price."


Sadie Hawkins reduced tickets are just one example of the benefits for students. Recently, the store also helped the Environmental Club by selling Candy Grams for them. Over the course of time, it should be a common expectation for clubs to utilize the store as a tool to get their brand out there and encourage students to not only help out their local club, but to also maybe join the club too.


From Nutley gear to tools for a typical school day, the store has no shortage of supplies for those amongst the halls.  Students who possibly are looking for retailing job experience should take full advantage of next year’s store class credit program. The new store is here to stay, and rightfully so.